Dark Star Orchestra at the Wellmont

Dark Star Orchestra's spring tour will be premiering its first show at the Wellmont Theater on Thursday, May 15. Their performance will bring life to music.

Dark Star Orchestra brings Dead to life.

This event is sure to gather a collection of all types of awesome individuals that share a great common interest: the Grateful Dead culture.

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Dark Star Orchestra has been an established Grateful Dead tribute band since 1997, two years after the death of Jerry Garcia. Dark Star Orchestra has founded the most authentic mainstay for Grateful Dead fans. In their attempt to host a new cornerstone for the gatherings of the Dead family, they have dedicated their set lists to conspire with those of the traditional Grateful Dead.

“Deadheads” are those who listen, groove and love to do both together. These radicals range from old school Grateful Dead fans from the 1960’s to the children of today’s age. Much of the youth have grown to love the classic band and, in the process, have become the new-age Grateful Dead fans. The greatest element of gatherings like this one is that young and old Deadheads exist in abundance. My recommendation for such an event is to get your tickets as soon as possible.

The Wellmont Theater is welcoming and is in prime location to catch and even meet others that share your interest in this genre of music. Right between the edge of New York and New Jersey, all will get the fillment of quenching thirst for some good jam feel.

Dark Star Orchestra originates out of the Windy City, Chicago. They come from a vast collection of musicians but the band is currently made up of seven: Lisa Mackey, Skip Vangelas, Rob Koritz, Dino English, Rob Eaton, Rob Barraco and Jeff Mattson. The band has even played on stage with some members of the Grateful Dead themselves. That in itself adds their reigning credibility as offering the most authentic Dead experience since the late Grateful Dead.

It is, without a doubt, healthy for people that share a common interest to join as one. Cubana Pete’s sets the most absolute appropriate laid back feel to grab grub and drinks before the show begins. It is directly behind the Wellmont Theater. The convenience is one reason to definitely check it out but is not the soul reason. The restaurant serves great Mexican food and encourages BYOB. Bring a bottle or two of wine with you and they will shake up a killer Sangria.

Parking is somewhat limited so be sure to get their early for your own good. The show is going to be hit and people will be painting the town in their Dead attire. I can already see people sharing stories of past adventures of touring and any story of that nature is a story that is worth the wild to listen too.

Tickets start at $35 and are available through Live Nation on their website, at livenation.com. Get your tickets now before they sell out. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show kicks off at 8:00 p.m.  Don’t miss your chance to see Dark Star Orchestra rock the Wellmont!

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