Dave Lockhart Composes Rhythm and Builds a Life in Montclair

Bassist Dave Lockhart and Architect Courtney Rombough work tirelessly in their respective professions. Now, they are getting ready to embark on a new project: raising their child together.

Learn how to play like a professional with new-to-Montclair musician Dave Lockhart.

Dave Lockhart & Courtney Rombough
Photo courtesy of Courtney Rombough.

Dave Lockhart and Courtney Rombough, Montclair’s newest residents, bring a little bit of west-coast life to our town. The couple was living in South Lake Tahoe, California before they moved to Montclair. Rombough was born and raised in Montclair, and some of her family lives in this area. The couple decided to move back because Rombough is 9 months pregnant.

“I wanted to move back to be closer to my dad and sister to have family help when Dave goes on tour,” said Rombough. Rombough’s father is an orthopedic surgeon in town, and her sister works at Mountainside Hospital. “Also, Montclair is so much cooler now than it was when I grew up here!” she added. Rombough and Lockhart enjoy the variety of coffee shops, restaurants and music venues Montclair offers.

Rombough is a freelance licensed architect in New Jersey. She has experience in architectural design, space planning, construction administration and many other fields. Rombough specializes in high-end residential remodels. She used to do work in New York City. Rombough is currently working with a few clients in the Montclair area, and recently opened her own practice.

“It’s full steam ahead for her,”’ said Lockhart, “She’s still working away on her computer.”

Lockhart is a prominent name in his field, as well. He has toured all around the country with his band Dead Winter Carpenters. Dead Winter Carpenters started in 2010. They have played around 200 gigs a year for the past six years. Lockhart’s skill is primarily in bass, but he has recently enjoyed composing and songwriting. He also plays guitar and harmonica

“The question isn’t where I’ve been, it’s where haven’t I been,” laughed Lockhart. He said that his music has taken him all over the country, but he has yet to visit North Dakota and Delaware. Music has been in Lockhart’s life since his teens. He played his first paid gig at sixteen years old. Now, Lockhart is taking time off from touring with his band to raise his son.

Lockhart is currently applying and looking for work in and around the Montclair area. He has participated in several open mic and open jam nights. Lockhart also recently performed at Java Love as a solo artist. He is excited to be the featured performer at Maxfield on Main in Boonton, N.J. next month.

Dave Lockhart & Courtney Rombough
Photo courtesy of Courtney Rombough.

“The fun thing about performing solo is that I get to be a full artist — all the textural changes and performance changes come from me,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart also loves giving musical lessons. He is open to teaching students with varying degrees of experience, and loves sharing his music knowledge. Take lessons with Lockhart by calling 510-909-2307 or email davethebassist@gmail.com

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