Deftones Perform A Sold Out Night

Fans lined the streets eager to see the Deftones at the Wellmont theatre. This experience left fans hungry for more, standing on their feet and cheering for the Deftones to keep playing all night.

Deftones and Periphery shock the Wellmont Theater.

Sold out
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On a crisp Sunday night, hundreds of fans lined Bloomfield Avenue and Seymour Street, anxiously awaiting the opening of the doors – and much needed warmth – for a performance that was sure to please.  The Wellmont packed an almost sold-out house on March 10 for the Deftones and Periphery, a shock for many fans who soon realized that they were not alone in their love for the alternative-metal band.

No matter where you stood in the classically designed Wellmont, you were guaranteed a perfect view of the bands, even from final row ZZ in the upper balcony. A room well designed for the acoustics, the dull roar of anxious fans filing in on both the floor and the balcony was a sound all its own.

When the lights dimmed and the opening band took the stage, the crowd was poised and open to welcome the newcomers. Although, the band sold short with some of the crowd, there were many who were enthusiastic of the opening act. Others found entertainment hanging out by the bar.

The entire crowd was on their feet the moment the filler music was turned off and the Deftones took to the stage. With splashes of bright basic colors against searing white lights, the band opened with their song “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” off their 1997 album Around the Fur.

It would seem this idea of kicking things off old school and reminiscing back to their start would be carried through the entirety of their concert, pulling a majority of their songs from albums pre-2000.  Each song saw the stage turn violet as guitars were changed out or microphones were set into place.

The old songs soon changed, giving a nod to their newer music with the performance of “Diamond Eyes” and songs “Poltergeist,” “Entombed” and “Swerve City” off their latest album Koi No Yokan.

A dedicated fan of over seven years, concert goer Arielle Simmons of Elmwood Park commented on the mixed song selection:  “I was disappointed with their set list. I was really hoping they would do more of their iconic songs. I was hoping for “Rosemary” off their newest album, and slower songs like “Hole in the Earth,” “Digital Bath” and “Sextape.’”

There were many in the crowd who would agree with Simmons about the band not playing “Rosemary,” but the overall vibe  suggested they were having too much fun to be overly annoyed – at least while in the confines of the concert.

Perhaps the most spectacular performance of the 19-song night came towards the end, to which no person could help but to bang their head along to the inescapable percussion and eye-opening light show during “Engine No.9” and “7 Words.”

The band, Deftones, graced the stage for a two-song encore consisting of “Nosebleed” and “Root” from their 1995 album Adrenaline.

By the end of the set, fans weren’t eager to leave, hoping that the band would come back and continuing playing all night. The Deftones’ infectious melodies and heart-pounding sounds left all with the hunger for more.

The Deftones will continue touring in the United States until early May, so be sure to make the journey to see them. The seasoned band is more than worth the price of admission.

Coming next to the Wellmont are George Thorogood and The Destroyers, as well as Garbage. To see more shows or get more ticket information, please visit the Wellmont Theatre’s website. We hope the Deftones will leave another musical night to remember, here in Montclair.

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