DLV Lounge: Montclair’s Hidden Gem

The DLV Lounge in Montclair offers great entertainment for artists and musicians. Recent bands such as the Black Lace Blues and Oxygen Box play here.

DLV Lounge offers great entertainment.

The DLV Lounge located on Bl

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oomfield Avenue in Montclair, N.J. is located between the Verizon Building on the corner of Gates and Ave and Chill on Bloomfield Avenue.

It is long and narrow with the bar that runs nearly the length of the entire establishment. There is a small stage in the rear that is detachable for larger events. Looking inside from the front to the back of the house, there is a fully functional commercial kitchen as you look to the left in the rear inside the building. There is also a good size patio in the rear, and a tent that is ready to go up in a moments notice if need be. The DLV has a really cool juke box with some really nice jazz and R&B tunes with a little country thrown in.

The DLV of late has become one of the music meccas of Essex County here in New Jersey. The DLV Lounge was home to The Brown’s Jazz Prophets for a time before the band headed out to work the circuit. The Jazz Prophets started out as the house band that led an annual weekly Jam session upstairs. That band stayed together for 20 years before disbanding.

Several well-known local artists have performed there as well, including: Denise Hamilton, Jacque Johnson, Hunter Hayes, Radam Schartz, Madam Pat Tandy, Carrie Jackson, Bruce Williams, Cecil Brooks lll, Gene Phipps Jr, Cornell McGhee and Mel Davis. Chuck-A-Luck, a well known promoter of live music performances all over the metro area, has promoted several shows at the DLV over the course of several years. More recently the DLV has become a staple of the indie circuit with some of the younger promoters of the Hard Core and Indie Circuit. In the past few years, scores of bands have graced the little stage in the DLV. Some of the more recent bands are the Porchistas, Black Lace Blues, Ole Sole, the Charlie Jones Trio and Oxygen Box.

I’ve played this venue many time over the past 30 years and can tell you that it is a fun place to play; you are treated well and respected as an artist. The owner, George Marable, supports live music, and in this tough business, that is a gem! The next time that you or a friend decides to visit downtown Montclair, stop in and say hello. The DLV Lounge is located at 300 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, N.J. and can also be reached at 973-783- 6988.


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