Doin’ Dishes Emboldens Creativity

Doin' Dishes is a creative ceramic studio for all ages to relish in. The plethora of pieces, paint, and supplies are endless to galvanize your inner artist.

Doin’ Dishes consist of the perfect combination of originality and fun!

doin' dishes
Doin’ Dishes is located on 50 Church St. Photo courtesy of Erica Manansala.

Doin’ Dishes is a marvelous do it yourself paint studio, suitable for all ages. Unravel your innovative skills to create a unique ceramic piece that you can be proud of. Whether the item is for you or a present for an individual, make it the epitome of imagination.

There is an immense selection of ceramics just waiting for your artistic abilities to bring them to life.  Prices for unfinished pieces begin at $5 to $33. Paint time costs $7 per hour, in which there is an hour minimum.

You are given a mini clipboard to write down the corresponding number to the ceramic piece you would like to paint on. Then, you can look to the color pallet on the wall to select 4 colors to begin with. You may ask to refill your colors as many times as you’d like. There are also an assorted range of paintbrushes, sponges, and other utilities to assist your creative process.

If you draw a blank on how to begin your painting experience, don’t be apprehensive to ask for ideas and opinions from the experienced and very talented employees of Doin’ Dishes.

When I first walked in, I was blown away by the unique treasures on display. As my eyes gazed upon each item, it sparked a creative desire for me to begin the procedure immediately! It’s very inspiring to see what other individuals can express through art.

I selected an over-sized cup, great for ice cream, coffee, and even cereal. Ideally, I wanted my ceramic to elicit the joy I had in constructing my masterpiece. Being that I’ll always be a kid at heart, I long to illustrate a paint splatter effect on my item. As the employees brought me to the sink, I started flicking paint all over. The entire sink was covered with blues and greens, and of course I had paint on my arms and even a little on my face!

Once I completed the task at hand, it was time for my piece to be glazed in their fired kiln. After a week of waiting, I went to go pick up my cup and to my surprise, I was elated with the final product!

If you feel that someone dear to you could gain a deeper appreciation for Doin’ Dishes, there are gift certificates available upon request. They also host exclusive events such as birthday celebrations and grown up nights, allowing adults to bring your own bottle. To grasp the true nature of art, classes are accessible with an advanced reservation.

For any other inquiries, please visit Doin’ Dishes’ website at or call 973-744-8589. It is located on 50 Church Street. A multilevel parking deck is located behind the store. Entrance to the parking deck is on the left hand side of South Park or right hand side of South Fullerton Avenue. The parking rate is $1 per hour. I hope you have an extraordinary time just as I did!

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