DollyMoo Brings Spirituality & Magic

DollyMoo, owned by Nicole Silva, offers hand-made, calming, feel good, self-love products that change with the season.

DollyMoo products offer a certain scent for everyone.

Body products and bath bombs automatically make people think of the generic chain stores like Lush or Bath & Body Works, but what customers don’t realize is that Montclair has its very own handmade skincare store catering to the body, mind and spirit, called DollyMoo.

DollyMoo recently opened on Aug. 1 of this past year, and is located at 217 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, N.J. It is a small, family owned business that was first based out of owner Nicole Silva and her sister’s home in 2010. “We would make everything from home in our kitchen and dining room, but now we make everything right here in the kitchen in the back of the store,” said Silva. “It’s basically like a skin-care café. We have a shipping station in the back where we ship our products both nationally and internationally.”

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.

DollyMoo is known for primarily selling dead sea-salt body scrubs, body oils, perfume oils, handmade lip balms, bath bombs and “feel good” butters which are more like remedies. They also have a very popular facial collection that includes a beautiful rosehipfacial serum, pink himalayan salt facial scrub and a rose quartz toner that’s made with aloe juice. “We even have stuff for sore muscles, headaches and sinuses, stress, all calming, self-love and feel good products,” said Silva.

DollyMoo has a diverse clientele because the products that are offered can really be used by any gender. “I think it’s still something that I’m figuring out but what I’m starting to realize is that although we appear more targeted for females, we really are a unisex brand because to me, men and women both need the same amount of love and care for the body and the spirit,” said Silva.

Although there are other stores that may appear to be quite similar to DollyMoo, what really sets Silva’s store apart is the fact that every single product is made right there on site. “Right now it is just my sister, my nephew, our cousin and I. We’re really all about self-love and self-care, and taking the time out for yourself. We like to believe that we are sprinkled with spirituality and magic because we do believe in magic,” explained Silva.

DollyMoo has an unusual, yet extremely creative way of selling their body care. They are known for their seasonal products, and constantly add and take away different ones throughout the year. Sometimes they will even just mix things up and put it out on the shelf until it sells out. “One of our walls actually changes with every equinox and every solstice. We had our fall equinox products, which were a big hit, and whatever the season is really inspires us. Right now we’re in our winter solstice collection,” said Silva. They will also make body butter for each season, as well as different bath bombs and perfume oils. “We always want new people coming in and having exciting new things for them to try. I feel like with everything here, it really is whatever you’re drawn to.”

DollyMoo strives to bring consciousness to all of their products. They include little descriptions on the scrubs and oils on how they made them feel when creating them, so they all kind of make you feel a different way emotionally. For example, the tangerine is very uplifting and refreshing, whereas the lavender is very calming and soothing. “Sometimes if someone is shopping for someone, they can think about the person, what the person’s going through at this time, and target a certain scent for them,” said Silva.

DollyMoo has an event coming up on Jan. 10, where they will be holding an intimate “New Moon” ceremony with Diana Scime-Sayegh for approximately the first seven people that sign up. To start the night off, you will be greeted and given a soothing tea, followed by a meditation circle and other “feel good” activities. Silva and her family have had other successful events in the past, including a full-moon tarot card reading night with Reverend Steffanie Black, who is right next door. They plan to do more “DollyMoo After Hours” in the future.

For more information on DollyMoo, you can visit their website at, follow their instagram and twitter account @dollymoobody or like them on Facebook at DollyMoo Body Love.

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