Dr. Will Tuttle Book Signing

Dr. Will Tuttle will be offering a book signing at Montclair State University on July 12 in regards to his latest work, The World Peace Diet.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Will Tuttle’s work, make your way to Montclair State University.

Signing a book
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If you are committed to a vegan lifestyle, or are simply an avid animal lover, Dr. Will Tuttle is someone you might be interested in getting to know. He is the author of The World Peace Diet, and he is scheduled to visit Montclair for an informative seminar and book signing on July 12.

This event is hosted by The Barnyard Sanctuary, located in Columbia, N.J. This animal refuge is home to over 800 rescued farm animals. In April of 2015, the sanctuary saved almost 200 emaciated baby animals from what was quoted as being “one of the worst cruelty cases in NJSPCA history.”

What made this truly horrific event even worse was that it happened right in our own backyard in Hackettstown, and some people might have even heard about it after it was discovered, as the atrocity was highly publicized. On behalf of the Barnyard Sanctuary, before Dr. Will Tuttle’s talk, some representatives would be happy to give the crowd updates on how the survivors are doing.

This whole event will be taking place on July 12 from 5 to 8 p.m. at 1 Normal Avenue in Upper Montclair at Montclair State University. It will be set up at the first floor of University Hall, and you will be asked for $12 cash at the door to cover the cost of room rental and a small donation to Dr. Will Tuttle. Light vegan snacks will also be provided.

Dr. Will Tuttle is noted for many different achievements, those of which include being an award-winning writer, educator, pianist and composer. He has traveled and presented all across America and Europe. His book, The World Peace Diet, which is an international best-seller, has been used as a teaching tool in many college courses such as mythology, philosophy, humanities, comparative religion and creativity.

Dr. Will Tuttle completed his Ph.D. dissertation on education at the University of California, Berkeley, and in it he focused on educating intuition among adults. Not only that, he is also a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, and has done intensive training in Korea, all while practicing meditation and vegan living for over 30 years. He has devoted his life to promoting world peace with education, compassion and spiritual awareness by utilizing writings, music and presentations. And you can be assured that this man practices what he preaches; he lives with his spouse Madeleine in a solar-powered rolling home.

Come spend an evening with Dr. Will Tuttle and you will be guaranteed to learn something, all while supporting the well-being of innocent farm animals.

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