Easter Traditions: Peeps, Love & Chocolate

Easter baskets are a tradition for many people, and Montclair Stationery provides perfect treats to make a great basket for your loved ones!

Easter baskets are a tradition everyone loves.

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For those celebrating Easter this Sunday, I am sure you are all too familiar with a good old egg hunt. Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate enough to be raised by an inimitably entertaining and selfless mother (in a very feminine household might I add) that took Easter to new levels. This of course couldn’t be done without the oh-so-pretty eggs my two sisters and I dyed the night before – five each. For as long as I can remember, my mother quietly bounced around our home every Easter’s eve and hid our eggs for us to find when we woke, creating the ultimate treasure hunt. True, this often caused tension and comradery amongst my sisters and I, but it was all fun and games.

Like I said, my sisters, Katrina (27) and Keely (16) and I (20) each dyed five eggs. With that, my mom hid each of ours with a little gift until we unveiled the ultimate find: the Easter basket. Our baskets were stuffed with all the best candies and chocolates a child could ever dream of! Because what is Easter without cartons of colorful Peeps? And, like the true New Jerseyan she is, my mom always included a lottery scratch off with the high hopes that one of her costly daughters would win big.

We always tease her that she only created such an exclusive egg hunt so that she could eat all of our chocolate bunnies – she may or may not be addicted to the chocolate bar. While that may be slightly true, we’ve grown to appreciate and recognize the tremendous thought she put into our Easter mornings. One year, she put journals in our baskets; inside she wrote a special note to each of us. She always throws in our favorite magazine, too and maybe a new makeup product if we’re lucky.

Reflecting on the Easter tradition my mom created, I admire her ability to go out of her way to turn the egg hunt into something remarkable. Above all, she did this to bring us together to enjoy, laugh, tease and love one another. This Easter, I encourage you to create the ultimate egg hunt or egg dying party to share with your family. Don’t forget to bring the peeps, Reese’s eggs, big chocolate bunnies and most of all, love!

P.S. My mother still stuffs our childhood Easter baskets for us every year.

Those who are looking for some trinkets to make an Easter basket for your loved ones this year, be sure to check out many of the shops all over Montclair for some great finds! Montclair Stationery on Upper Valley Road offers perfect treats, from cards to trinkets.

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