Enzo: Enjoy Eating

Grab a bite at Enzo's Pizzeria in Montclair for a slice of pizza you'll never forget.

Enzo “hip” restaurant provides a great appeal.

If you haven’t heard of Enzo, you’ve probably never heard someone refer to a pizza restaurant as “hip,” either. I was not given the pizza-craving gene amongst my family of Italian food aficionados, but on the days when I do crave a slice, I will now be going to Enzo.

Enzo Pizzeria and Restaurant is one of many pizza establishments located around Montclair at a well-situated spot on Valley Road. You should venture from the farthest of outskirts for this restaurant that’s located in a strip-mall. With the convenience of the parking lot out front, there is no need to pay a meter, nor worry about a slippery, wintry walk on your way back to your car.

Cheese pizza
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Whether you’re taking out or having your food delivered, Enzo greets its customers with a classic approach. If you choose to dine-out, braving a cold night, you will not be disappointed with the modern interior that suits a fun crowd. Walk in and to your right the seating area is cozy and comfortable for friends and family. You could be approached with a promising date-night ambiance for its dimmer lighting and romantic edge.

If the described set-up hasn’t intrigued you, read over the menu of specialty selections. You can find a full menu online, at eatatenzos.com. Don’t think you’re mistaken if you see an envelope on the cover, another creative twist that earns the airmail stamp of approval.

Take your curiosity to the website for entrees, such as the Bomberito and Pronti, and further find that they offer a “Late Night Snacks” section. I’d suggest reading over the intricate line of pizzas at only two dollars! From plain cheese to the vegan lovers, you can imagine there is anything in between. For me, it was the grilled chicken bruschetta: grilled chicken, onions, mozzarella, tomato and basil. Thank you Enzo for turning the simple slice into a meal!

Give Enzo a call at 973-509-0999, or stop by at 150 Valley Road in Montclair, N.J.

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