Equality: Help Create It

Gender equality is important, and female students at Montclair State University are following the path they want to take.

Gender equality in the workforce is important.

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In every newspaper and news television show we see these days, the topic of equal pay and employment of women in the work force occurs regularly, followed by the lawsuits that are filed because women feel unjustified in these cases. Why do you think this happens? Because women in our society today are fed up with sexist roles and traditions placed on them throughout history.

Coupled with the new diversity in the workforce, women are getting married less these days and becoming stronger and more independent than before. They believe that they have a choice to be what they want and choose what role they want to play in society – either the stereotypical stay at home wife, or the bread winner of the family.

Nowadays, life is adjusting to a new era of breadwinners instead of housewives. Men are becoming more accepting to their wives’ work preference, which creates more of an equilibrium effect. Men and women are starting to become equal in the sense that they can both work and be housekeepers at the same time. We are still living in a gender role society, but we are slowly transitioning to a more equal employment status of women.

To show this point, the demographics from Montclair State University show that there is a 61 to 39 percent women to men ratio currently enrolled at the college. Most relevant of all is that they are not just majoring in the usual female dominated fields. Female students are majoring in business and advertising, sciences and engineering. This tells us that a lot more women are valuing their education and want to join the workforce to provide for themselves or their families, or as a stay at home husband or as equals with their spouses.

Today’s society isn’t always the most tolerant, and new ideas are often rejected or get little attention. There is hope especially with every new generation calling for a more equal work force and nation as a whole. With the turn of the century scraping the surface of equality in human development, the only way to understand how to have equality in gender norms is to steer away from the ancient ideas of dominance only pertaining to the male figure. Women are now starting to make a comeback in the workforce, but it will take some work. It will not be easy, but equality in the work force will eventually become second nature and the daily norm. All members of society need to follow suit of Montclair State female students studying what they want to learn and be more accepting of any person following whatever career path they choose.

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