‘Eteka’ Needs Your Help

An author and alum from Montclair State University seeks funding assistance from the community for his new novel, 'Eteka.'

Alumni from Montclair State seeks funding for novel, “Eteka.”

A novel
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Montclair State University alum and author Benjamin Hinson-Ekong is currently running a kickstarter campaign assist in funding an indie project to help start his novel “Eteka: Rise of the Imamba.” Hinson-Ekong graduated Montclair State in 2005 with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and came back in 2010 for part of his MBA.

 Hinson-Ekong has spent over six years working on his novel, which is a thriller based on global mercenary during the Cold War and the 1990’s. He created the kickstarter in order to raise $12,000 in a little over two weeks, with the campaign ending on Nov. 21.
According to Hinson-Ekong’s kickstarter page, “Eteka: Rise of the Imamba will appeal to you if you enjoy reading historical fiction. Are you the mushy type? Don’t worry, it has love stories in it as well. Do you like suspense and action? Do you enjoy watching movies like The Godfather II, Collateral, James Bond, The Bourne Identity and biopics like Che and Lumumba? If you answered yes to any of those choices, my book is for you.  Do you enjoy travelling and find yourself watching shows about countries around the world? If yes, you’ll want to get this book.”
The kickstarter can be reached at https://kck.st/ZDWvmg. According to the kickstarter page, financial support from donations will help Hinson-Ekong with final book layout costs, illustration costs, editing costs, printing costs, marketing costs, shopping costs and backer reward production costs.
Additionally, Hinson-Ekong is rewarding those who help him with various awards for different amounts of donations, including a digital/e-book copy of Eteka (minimum $10 donation), a hardcover version and e-book along with tattoos and a t-shirt (minimum $50 donation) or every possible reward offered on the kickstarter as well as an honorable mention in the book itself (minimum $5,000 donation).
Be sure to help out this local author by checking out his kickstarter page and helping to fund his first novel!

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