Evacuation At Glenfield Middle School

Students and faculty were evacuated due to smoke from an elevator motor.

Evacuation due to smoke from an elevator motor.

Evacuation exercises
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Faculty and students were evacuated from Glenfield Middle School on the morning of Thursday, May 23 due to a smoke issue inside of the building. They were evacuated to Charles H. Bullock School, and remained there until the end of the school day. It was determined that there was smoke coming from an elevator motor. The following message was sent to the community by Penny MacCormack:

“Dear Glenfield Families,

I want to report to you that all Glenfield Middle School students and staff are safe after an emergency evacuation caused by a smoke condition in the Glenfield building.

This morning, smoke was detected in the school’s elevator pit. All students and personnel were evacuated from the building according to established emergency procedures, the fire department was notified and responded, and electricians also responded immediately. The Superintendent as well as the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor were notified immediately and reported to the site to oversee the evacuation and emergency response.

The fire department determined that the smoke was coming from an elevator motor.  Because the building smelled of smoke, the students were taken by bus to Glenfield’s alternate emergency site – Charles H. Bullock School.

The students along with their teachers and administrators will remain at Bullock until the end of the school day and will be dismissed to regular Glenfield busses or as walkers from the Bullock site, at Glenfield’s regular dismissal time. The Glenfield students are safe, calm and well-supervised at Bullock. Parents may sign out their children from Bullock School if they wish to do so.  Bullock School is located at 55 Washington Street.  If you require additional information, please contact the Bullock School office at 973-509-4255.
Students will report to Glenfield School tomorrow [May 24, 2013] for a regular school day.

Penny MacCormack”

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