Fab Faux Bring the Beatles to Life

The Beatles tribute band the Fab Faux honored one of the most beloved bands of all time last Saturday at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair. The group performed all of the Beatles classics as they celebrated their 15 year anniversary.

Fab Faux resemble a cultural phenomenon.

The Fab Faux‘s Jimmy Vivino, Will Lee, Jack Petruzzelli, Rich Pagano and Frank Agnello have dedicated the last decade and a half to paying tribute to the cultural phenomenon known as the Beatles.  Last Saturday at 8 p.m., the Wellmont audience was able to celebrate with the men on their 15 year anniversary as a group.

The Fab Faux celebration started with “Please Please Me,” which was well-received by the crowd.  “From Me to You,” “She Loves You” and “Do You Want to Know a Secret” were other songs that helped start the show.

Stage with lights
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Once into the swing of things, the tribute group performed classic Beatles song like  “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “P.S. I Love You” and “Hard Day’s Night.”  Crowd favorites like those kept the show entertaining all night.

After more favorites like “Yesterday,” “Help,” “Eight Days a Week” and “We Can Work it Out,” the band took a quick intermission.

During intermission the crowd was buzzing about the show.  Audience member Amanda Wayward was incredibly excited about the show.  “I absolutely love the Beatles, and these guys are doing a great job giving us the Beatles experience,” said Wayward. “When asked about which Beatles songs they hoped would be performed that hadn’t been performed yet, most people said “Yellow Submarine,” “Let it Be” or “Hey Jude.”

Once everyone shuffled back into their seats, the Fab Faux graced the Wellmont stage again.  This time around they opened with “Nowhere Man.”

Special guests the Hogshead Horns joined the quintet for the Beatles’ hit “Yellow Submarine.”  The Fab Faux also got the crowd involved, having them sing the iconic ‘we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.’

The mood was switched drastically from the optimistic “Yellow Submarine” to the heart-wrenching “Eleanor Rigby.” Although many might be skeptical of the group doing such an iconic Beatles classic, the five of them really did the song justice.

After performing “Strawberry Fields Forever,” the Hogshead Horns section came back on stage for an entire theater-sung rendition of “Penny Lane.”  That was by far one of the biggest highlights of the night.

“Lady Madonna,” “Revolution” and “Come Together” were three more Beatles songs that were performed that night.

The biggest uproar of the night happened when “Hey Jude” was performed.  The entire theater sang along, and the band even stopped so it could just be the song by the fans of the song, a connection that was unbelievable.

Another huge Fab Faux highlight of the night was “Let it Be.”  That song is so iconic and so beloved that it was not a surprise that the song was one of the last performed.  The song brought out the raw emotions of the concert goers. There weren’t many dry eyes at the end of the performance.

The Fab Faux concert would not have been a Beatles-esque show without ending the night with “Twist and Shout” in the spirit of Ringo, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

The Fab Faux fifteenth anniversary show was definitely an experience one will not soon forget.  These gentlemen have dedicated their lives to immortalizing the Beatles, and that is exactly what they did.  For more information on the group, visit their website. Don’t forget to check the Wellmont site for all of the upcoming shows at the theater.

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