Fab Faux Never Fails

The Fab Faux rocked the house at the Wellmont Theater, making the crowd dance and sway along with their music.

Fab Faux makes audience cheer.

Outside the Wellmont Theater, there was an undeniable amount of anticipation and excitement building up just before doors opened to the Fab Faux’s evening show. Amidst the crowd of lined up attendees, there was also a notable sense of diversity: all ages and backgrounds were present, united together by what seemed to be a universal love for the Beatles. From start to end this is what gave the show its heart, and this is what pulled a venue full of fans together to celebrate the revival of a world-renowned band.

Fab Faux band founder, Will Lee, added to this sense of unity by introducing the Fab Faux on stage. “We’re just a couple of guys from across the river playing Beatles songs,” said Lee.

Three songs into their eclectic Beatles setlist and the crowd rejoiced with euphoria. It was clear; this was a true tribute that was about to be unleashed, and it could only occur with the help of everyone at the Wellmont Theater.

Drummer performing on stage
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Lee and the rest of Fab Faux were constantly shifting instruments and vocal leads on stage in between songs, and such exhibitions looked astoundingly effortless. Everything was in control, and the orchestration of it all was relentless in proficiency.

The selected songs also did not disappoint. From “I’ve Just Seen a Face” to “Here Comes the Sun,” the crowd was ecstatic throughout. But beyond the enticing mimicking of the Beatles’ authentic sound, there was also the Fab Faux’s unique touch to each individual song. Most notably was an elongated end to “Strawberry Fields Forever” that spread itself out to a sprawling extra few minutes of powerful drums and a vibrating rhythm, which bounced off the walls and into the hearts of a surely impressed audience.

There were many surprises that added to the experience of listening to this tribute band as well. Although Lee periodically interacted with the crowd, during “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” he conjured an extra effort of dashing off the stage from the back and appearing among the masses of singing and clapping fans. The band kept the song going as Lee jammed around his admirers and shared in their enthusiasm.

It was this sense of unity that tied the strings of the show’s many components together. There was love and admiration all around for what the Fab Faux was doing, and even more for their grace of self-awareness. Yes, they may just be a couple of ordinary guys covering Beatles songs, but somewhere in that simplicity there is a special and resonating feeling that successfully resurrects Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

And it is truly a spectacle to witness.

Coming up next at the Wellmont Theater is the Psychedelic Furs on Friday, April 4. Tickets are available now starting at just $29, and can be purchased online at livenation.com or at the Wellmont box office. Be sure to get your tickets quick because this show is sure to be a hit!

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