Fall Fashion Is Ready To Wear

Fall is here and the leaves around us have already started to transform into their crimson red and mustard yellow from their bright summer green.

Fall fashion in 2013

Leaves aren’t the only ones: ladies in Montclair started their transition too.  They’ve put away their bikinis, tanks and shorts for next year, and are starting to step out in their fall fashion.

I hear just about everyone say they love the fall season after a very hot and humid summer. Fall indeed brings out the beautiful crimson foliage in trees during this season, but it also brings out a cute warm and cozy style in many women and men.

Fall fashion
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“It’s all about stylish comfort. I love the fall for its weather and fashion. I love boots, jackets, scarves, leggings, sweaters and hoodies,” Kim Seto, a college student at Montclair State University, named the most essential fall pieces girls (and boys) love to explore during this season and it is true, it’s all about stylish comfort.

Fall and winter are about the only two times throughout the year where you can style up the slovenly home attire we often describe as “bummy.” An oversized sweater can be glitzed up with a few extra pieces, like some leather boots and accessories. Oversized sweaters and cardigans, which we normally use to sit in our sofas on a night in, can also be worn fabulously with extra pieces during the fall.

Scarves are the must-have accessory during the fall. They are the best extra to add to a simple outfit like leggings and a blouse. You can already see girls wrapping them around their necks on campus as they walk to class and it’s not too early to do so.

Scarves come in all different types of material from cotton to viscose, and of course, cashmere. Hoodies and sweaters also come in a array of styles. Many sweaters are made in different prints, style and color to fit to a variety of personalized styles. These are the essential fall fashion items.

Many of these fall fashion pieces are found at Urban Outfitters in Montclair, on Park Street. At Urban Outfitters women just as much as men are sure to find a range of hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, and boots. Women and men can also try South Moon Under, located on the same street as Urban Outfitters.

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