Fine Grind: Coffee and Live Performances

Th Fine Grind offers a variety of teas and coffees. On top of their amazing beverages, they offer live entertainment for to enjoy as well.

Fine Grind offers many flavors for you to try.

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On Pompton Avenue in Little Falls, there is a little coffee front that is in a small shopping center just south of the Willowbrook Mall. It’s pretty easy to miss because the front is small, but upon entrance, you quickly realize that The Fine Grind is different than any coffee bar you’ve been to. Their menu isn’t more extravagant or exotic compared to other coffee places, but it is the atmosphere and the other events that go on in this establishment that present their uniqueness.

Although their menu isn’t too different from other places, it’s still a great menu, nonetheless. After all, everyone likes to see a menu with many options to choose from; especially at a coffee bar where one would want to have something to chow on alongside their brew. Well, at The Fine Grind, they offer a little something for everyone at any time. Their beverage menu offers a variety of flavored coffees and teas. The coffees come in chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, macadamia nut, raspberry and many more specialty flavors. They also have many different flavored herbal teas, black teas and green teas. One of the favorites, and most popular on the beverage menu (other than their beautifully roasted coffee), is their hot chocolate. It is always recommended to check out their specialty beverage menu. You will not be disappointed.

They have a little bit of everything on the food side of their menu, as well. They offer breakfast and lunch anytime! So, you could order a panini in the morning, or an egg omelet for dinner if you’d like! The Fine Grind offers many paninis, wraps, sandwiches, muffins, omelets, soups, quiches and more. The Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Rab wrap and the Italian Grilled Cheese panini are killer!

Now, the part that sets this place apart from anywhere else in this area, are the events that go on here. Like many cafes, they offer live music many nights a week; scheduled artists, open mics, you name it. However, they have acclaimed authors come in to offer signings and lead book clubs, and they are large supporters of local art, as well as music, but that’s not all. They also host different series of seminars throughout the month that you can check out on their website on their downloadable monthly calendar. They host creative writing workshops, crafts seminars, painting classes and trivia nights!

Not only is it a place to get great coffee, food and listen to a fantastic playlist whenever you sit down, but it is a wonderful place to help you get involved with events throughout the community that are shared through the café. A trip to The Fine Grind will keep you caffeinated, full, entertained and involved. This is a rare establishment that really offers it all!

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