Fleet Feet Sports

For a town dedicated to fitness, Fleet Feet Sports has everything needed for successful running.

Fleet Feet Sports has supported Montclair’s runners for decades.

fleet feet
Photo courtesy of Fleet Feet.

For over 30 years, Montclair has been lucky enough to have its very own running coach right in the middle of town. This running coach isn’t one of the various D1 athletes that Montclair High School has produced, nor is it Roosevelt “Dr. Speed” Weaver, a nationally revered runner and coach hailing from Montclair. This running coach has remained absolute and reliable in the form of Fleet Feet Sports, a store dedicated entirely to fitness and running apparel. For a fitness-obsessed town, this store has been a mainstay of the athletic community for as long as it has provided athletes with everything they need.

Located at 603 Bloomfield Avenue on the corner of Midland Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue, Fleet Feet Sports has drawn customers from all over Montclair due to its central location in the town. The store also boasts a plethora of high quality products from big name merchants such as Nike, Puma and Asics. While Fleet Feet Sports has many locations across the country, the Montclair location has become a staple of the athletic and fitness community that is so prevalent within Montclair. More often than not, athletes from Montclair High School are told to make the short trip down Midland Avenue to Fleet Feet Sports to garner everything they need for upcoming seasons. This reliability has paid off tremendously, as Fleet Feet Sports enjoys some of the most loyal customers in Montclair.

Gina Gelo, an employee of Fleet Feet Sports for over 10 years, said this is down to more than just the quality of product. “We have so many returning customers, and a lot of that is down to John [Fabbro] being who he is,” said Gelo. “He [has run] this store with positivity from the beginning.”

John Fabbro, owner of the store, has made an effort to help every person that walks through the door.  While the majority of customers are young adults, the store makes sure that it is able to cater to the diverse population Montclair provides – and it shows. Customers often speak of the cooperative atmosphere that the store exhibits, along with being in a location that is accommodating and convenient.

Fleet Feet Sports has established itself as a positive influence from more than just selling the apparel needed to stay fit. The store has sponsored and created numerous charity runs and fun runs for the community to take part in. From 15k training programs to nightly fun runs, Fleet Feet has spread the word about the joys and importance of running, hosting or sponsoring some kind of activity most days.

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