George Bivins Earns Internship with Buzz Aldrin Middle School

Buzz Aldrin Middle School, Located on Bellevue Ave // Photo Courtesy of Justin Brown

Montclair High School senior, George Bivins will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall of 2019, on a full- ride scholarship for fencing. When asked what type of job do you see yourself having after college, he simply said, I haven’t decided yet, I have so many interests and I’m still growing and learning about myself each and every day”.

For George’s senior option internship he will be working with the kids and students at Buzz Aldrin Middle School. He will be assisting current Buzz Aldrin math teacher, Ms. Gandhi with any issues surrounding math that the students need help with. When I asked George, how did you come up with this internship, he said that it was his lifetime interest in helping others that lead him to this internship. George claims that since starting his internship with the kids and students of Buzz Aldrin Middle School, he has helped many kids in their struggle of conquering math. He says “helping kids, and seeing them understand something from your knowledge and help really is something that I’ve come to enjoy and it makes me more eager to help other people”. Working with the students of Buzz Aldrin Middle School has become something that I look forward to and enjoy George stats, he just wishes to see more people take advantage of this great opportunity.

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