“Geronimo Hotshot”

Robert Whitehill's newest installment, "Geronimo Hotshot", in the Ben Blackshaw series will leave readers turning page after page until the very end.

Robert Whitehill’s Geronimo Hotshot will leave readers turning page after page.

geronimo hotshot
Photo courtesy of Robert Black Whitehill

Tap Rack Bang, the third novel in the Ben Blackshaw series by Robert Whitehill, capped off the opening trilogy of Blackshaw’s adventures by tying up loose ends, as well as unraveling new ones. On that note, it is only appropriate that the series’ latest novel, Geronimo Hotshot, launches Blackshaw into new territory, in the borderlands of the American Southwest.

Nitro Express did not allow Blackshaw too much time in the Chesapeake Bay region, but Geronimo Hotshot rips the hero away from his home turf and friends almost immediately. After a falling out with his comrade in arms, Knocker Ellis, Blackshaw takes on a cavalcade of deadly obstacles which includes a desert engulfed in a raging wildfire.

Although its setting and cast of characters are fresh, Geronimo Hotshot sticks to the series’ now familiar trope of melding dynamic storytelling with catastrophic current events, leaving both new and current fans satisfied with the latest installment. Where the last novel dealt with human trafficking, Geronimo Hotshot tackles issues of undocumented refugees and domestic terrorism. White supremacist hate groups are central to this mission.

When Blackshaw is shown a picture of a black boy who has been scalped and lynched by members of a neo-Nazi cell, he is compelled to avenge the child’s death. Blackshaw’s fury pits him against the Pure Nation Comitatus, a violent Christian cult, as well as the Rot-Irons, a ruthless biker gang and self-righteous vigilantes whose jingoistic sense of patriotism leads them to seal the United States/Mexico border with blood. Blackshaw’s savage opponents will spark rage within readers, leaving them churning through the pages to see how the Chesapeake waterman sets things right. Geronimo Hotshot will transfix its audience at a time when biker wars and racially biased police brutality fill the headlines. Anyone angered by recent events will get cathartic relief from Geronimo Hotshot, not to mention another harrowing Blackshaw thriller.

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