Gina’s Bakery Provides Homemade Baked Goods

First opening almost 20 years ago, Gina’s Bakery is still bringing smiles to the people of Montclair through its delicious baked goods.

Located at 110 Walnut St., Gina’s Bakery continues to provide wholesome and natural goods to the town of Montclair.

gina's bakery
Photo by Emma Gallof for The Montclair Dispatch.

Gina’s Bakery is owned by self taught baker, Eugene Walters, who uses only the highest quality ingredients in his treats. Walters works alongside three other bakers, and they bake all of their goods from scratch in their store. Gina’s Bakery takes pride in using no chemicals or preservatives in any of their products.

“We’ve been voted Critics Choice Bakery by New Jersey Monthly for the last seven to eight years,” said Walters. Plaques showing this amazing feat can be seen hung around the inside of the bakery, showing just how good Gina’s Bakery‘s treats truly are.

Gina’s Bakery is a full line bakery, which means that they sell everything from small pastries to pies and bread, along with an array of hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, espresso and hot chocolate. Gina’s Bakery also offers local cold teas and carbonated drinks imported from Italy. While a variety of treats are available, a staple of Gina’s Bakery is their bread.

Walters said, “People come for the bread, which is exemplary and hard to find elsewhere. You can find lots of industrial bread, made by machines and never touched by human hands, but to find true artisanal bread is not that easy.”

Along with the traditional goods, Gina’s also has seasonal items such as their Buche de Noël for Christmas. These seasonal items sell out fast, as they are the perfect thing for a holiday dinner and fully embody the season.

With seating both inside and outside, Gina’s gives customers a great place to relax and enjoy their food. A favorite aspect of Gina’s Bakery among families, especially children, is the chalkboard wall inside the bakery, where drawings can be seen covering the entirety of wall and chalk is provided for customers to add messages or to draw pictures.

“The atmosphere in Gina’s Bakery is so nice and homey,” said Montclair High School student, Maya Deogun. “I love going there, and they make a fantastic sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.”

Open seven days a week, Gina’s Bakery  is located at 110 Walnut St. To see a full menu containing all of their goods offered, you can visit their website at

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