Golf Workshop by Gordon Waddell

Gordon Waddell’s free workshop for golfers aims to emphasize the importance of strength and conditioning knowledge in the game.

Work on strength and conditioning to enhance your golf skills!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Michalitsianos.

For many athletes, the hardest part of mastering a sport is finding an outlet of coaching that is both informative and progressive. This task is even harder for golf players. Since golf is an individual sport that relies heavily on technique, players try to find any edge they can. Golf competitions can come down to the finest of margins, with inches coming between victory and defeat. With this in mind, it would make sense for aspiring and experienced golf players to be interested in Gordon Waddell’s free golf workshop in Montclair.

Waddell’s workshop focuses on the strength and conditioning aspect of golf – an aspect that he says many coaches have got all wrong. Commonly believed theories such as stretching the lower back to prevent injuries are false and shouldn’t be practiced according to Waddell. Waddell’s knowledge of fitness and strength is nothing to be questioned, either. He served for six years as the fitness director at a large commercial gym and he is the founder of Advanced Fitness Concepts, “a human performance company focused on improving health and fitness by using cutting edge science and training techniques.” Waddell also commits himself to various other exercise workshops such as ab fitness and shoulder training and rehabilitation.

Many golfers believe that the strength and conditioning side of golf is often vastly overlooked by coaches and golfers alike. Patrick Moynahan, a former member of the Rutgers Golf Team, said that “understanding how to implement gym routines and fitness exercises into your golf game is crucial to becoming a true golfer.” Moynahan has been playing golf for over 12 years, and says that programs such as Waddell’s are invaluable.

“Up until college, I didn’t even know golfers dabbled in fitness and strength,” said Moynahan. “I think a lot of golfers do the sport because maybe they aren’t so good in terms of fitness and strength. That’s fine, but it’s definitely important to understand the value of those things in the game.”

That’s exactly what this workshop hopes to address. Waddell’s 90 minute workshop will combine cutting-edge training and techniques from “Titlest Golf Performance Program, the C.H.E.K. Institute Golf Biomechanics course and The National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist Training.”

Gordon’s knowledge of training and athletics has been acquired from years of first hand experience, and many mentors. As a kid and budding soccer player, Gordon was encouraged by his father to run as much as possible. Over his time in the business, Gordon has noted troubling habits of people that seek to start training at an older age, and cites this as the reason he runs his free workshops. “People want to jump right into the weight training, the intense stuff. But what have they been doing every day? Sitting in bed, sitting for meals, sitting for work, and so when they go work out, they sit on machines and do it. This develops dangerous and inefficient ways of working out. I believe it’s vital for people to fully understand our range of movement and how to develop it.”

Golfers of all levels are invited to the workshop. It is limited to 10 spots to ensure individual attention and progress, so calling in advance is advised. For more information, call Waddell at 973-865-6691 or email him at You can find more information about Waddell at

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