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HatLine Productions plans to bring Robert Blake Whitehill's Ben Blackshaw series to the big screen, allowing their partnership to result in great success.

HatLine Productions offers a movie franchise for the Ben Blackshaw series.

Author Robert Blake Whitehill is no stranger to the world of cinema; early on in his career he received an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship for his script U.X.O. (Unexploded Ordnance), among other screenwriting awards. Whitehill’s experience in film is used to full effect in his ongoing Ben Blackshaw thriller series of novels, which is propelled by vivid filmic writing. It comes as no surprise that a Ben Blackshaw movie franchise is already in the works with HatLine Productions at the helm, and Whitehill himself penning the screenplays.

Photo courtesy of Robert Blake Whitehill

The movie deal first materialized about six months ago when Whitehill sent a copy of Deadrise to Stephanie Bell, of HatLine Productions. “HatLine was in development on another script that was keeping us very busy. The minute I finished Deadrise, I called Robert and said, ‘I want to make these movies!’” Currently the company is in dynamic development of the adaptations, assembling the core team and assets necessary for the productions.  The HatLine business model is to shoot the first three Blackshaw movies at once, the way the Lord of the Rings films were made simultaneously by New Line, and how the film, television, and video games based on the Kingkiller Chronicle are now being created by Lionsgate.

Stephanie Bell’s faith in the adaptations stems from Whitehill’s writing. “The way that Robert writes is so visual and visceral, his books are perfect for the big screen.” She also attributes the series’ strength and broad appeal to its hero, Ben Blackshaw. Bell says Blackshaw has something to offer to everyone.   “Men will identify will relate to Blackshaw’s intelligence, fearlessness, and kick-ass physicality.  Women will love his vulnerability, and his desire for connection with his soulmate, LuAnna.”

Most of all, Stephanie Bell know that Blackshaw’s tenacious allies and his abominable rogue’s gallery of adversaries will captivate every audience, young and old, timid and thrill-seeking.  Bell also likes the Blackshaw Series’ international appeal, evidenced by the early purchase of all four of the current books by German language publisher LUZIFER-Verlag.

For his part, Whitehill couldn’t be more elated to work with HatLine. “As a writer, knowing that the HatLine producers share my vision for the Blackshaw film, television, and video gaming franchise is tremendously exciting and reassuring,” said Whitehill.

For more information, visit HatLine Productions’ website at www.HatLineProductions.com. For more information about Robert Whitehill, visit www.RobertBlakeWhitehill.com. For Whitehill speaking, contact Andrea Sanchez at (512) 206-0229 or www.sheltoninteractive.com. For Whitehill Representation, contact Liza Moore Ledford at (443) 239-3567.

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