High Socks for Fall

A simple pair of socks can take any fall outfit to the next level. High socks are an essential of the fall season so be sure to purchase a few!

High socks, big fashion.

Woman legs in black socks and high heels
© Afroto | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I used to think that socks weren’t important; they go on your feet and no one sees them.  However, in recent years I’ve realized that a pair of socks can change an entire outfit.  In fact, the more visible they are, the better. High socks are an essential of the fall season!

Even more surprising than socks being a fashion statement are the endless different styles and colors that are sold in stores.  Knee high socks, low socks, lace socks, boot socks, crew socks and heavy knit socks are just some of the many varieties on the market.

It became apparent to me how easy it was to incorporate these into my fall wardrobe when I came upon Pinterest.  I saw celebrities such as Lea Michele and Lucy Hale wearing them with heels and dresses.  I was completely inspired.  Not only does wearing high socks with a dress elongate your legs, but it’s s a unique trend that not everyone has tried yet.

There are so many different ways to wear high socks this fall.  One way to wear them is with boots over a pair of jeans.  A pair of white socks really pops against the basic blue of the jeans. They can also be worn with a sweater dress and some heels.  It is best to find a heel that either perfectly matches the color of the sock or a dark color shoe that makes for a good contrast.  Additionally, high socks can be worn with a skirt and some ankle boots.

It also helps that these fashion pieces are very affordable.  It’s an easy way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  I find that Urban Outfitters in Montclair has the largest variety of high socks and they are a good price.  I also find that both online and in-store, Urban Outfitters has a great way of showcasing how these socks could be worn on both models and mannequins.

They are even perfect for lounging.  Picture yourself by the fire this holiday season drinking hot chocolate in pajamas wearing a pair of those comfy socks. If you don’t already have them, I highly recommend going out and purchasing some fashionable socks!

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