Jack Carrigan Earns Senior Spotlight

Senior Jack Carrigan shadows fitness trainers Brian Kermizian and Jeff Batori to learn more about being healthy as an intern at Living Fit.

Jack Carrigan’s appreciation for health and wellness grows working at Living Fit.

jack carrigan
Photo courtesy of Taylor Scher.

Montclair High School senior Jack Carrigan is using the Career Internship Program to do something he truly enjoys: being fit. Carrigan is spending his four week internship at Living Fit, a private, fully equipped fitness studio in Cedar Grove. The studio is “passionately committed” to helping people change their lives for the better through exercise, nutrition, motivation and inspiration. They offer a variety of sessions that work for anyone, including private sessions and nutrition consultations.

“Fitness is 100 hundred percent a big part of my life, and that is why I am here,” said Carrigan.

Jack Carrigan’s internship is shaped around shadowing fitness trainers Brian Kermizian and Jeff Batori. “As an intern I kind of help out any way [Brian and Jeff] need me to,” Carrigan said. “We have created a junior program for kids and I will help lead that continuing into the summer.” In addition to that, he said they have created new weights, cleaned throughout the studio and have helped start the process of rebuilding the studio website.

Exposure to the Living Fit method since beginning his internship has furthered Jack Carrigan’s regard for overall fitness as well the range of ways to implement health into the everyday lifestyle. For Carrigan personally, this outlook has an underlying motivation with respect to his favorite sport: golf.

“In golf, everything is about speed and rotation,” said Carrigan. “At Living Fit they specialize in overall body function, so we have been able to pinpoint my training to isolate those aspects of fitness and best prepare myself for days out on the course.” This includes a special alternative stretching technique known as the ELDOA method, which Carrigan does after every workout.

During his time at Montclair High School, Jack Carrigan was an outstanding golfer for the Mounties, leading the team to the 2016 Essex County title. Scholastically, Carrigan was a part of the STEM small learning community, a group who focuses their study based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He credits STEM as “the place that [he] grew the most” while at Montclair High. Carrigan also was a captain of the Montclair High School DECA team, which taught him about marketing and entrepreneurship.

In the fall, Jack Carrigan will attend Pitzer College in Claremont, where he plans on majoring in psychology. He looks forward to heading out west to be a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Golf team. The team participates in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference that operates in the NCAA Division III.

The Montclair Dispatch is proud to have supported the Montclair High School Senior Option Program for the past 3 years. You can learn more about the four 2016 Senior Option students by reading their article here.

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