Gabe Friedin, Ben Hocky, Austin Reichard, and Taylor Scher Earn Senior Spotlight

Seniors Gabe Friedin, Ben Hocky, Austin Reichard, and Taylor Scher work with fellow seniors publishing articles at The Montclair Dispatch.

Four Seniors learn the importance of teamwork interning at The Montclair Dispatch.

From left to right. Austin Reichard- Editor, Gabe Friedin- Publisher, Taylor Scher-Photographer, Ben Hocky- Writer.
Austin Reichard- Editor, Gabe Friedin- Publisher, Taylor Scher-Photographer, and Ben Hocky- Writer.

Montclair High School’s Career Internship Program allows students a unique opportunity as any eligible senior may take part in a four week internship at a location of their choice. Seniors Taylor Scher, Gabe Friedin, Austin Reichard and Ben Hocky came together to intern at The Montclair Dispatch, a newsletter-style publication reporting on news and events happening in the greater Montclair area, printed by local business Studio042. They are using their internship to show off their classmates’ own internships and illustrate the special offer that is the Career Internship Program.

As interns, each senior has their own responsibilities. Friedin and Hocky work interchangeably as the publisher and writer, with one maintaining a secure connection with the senior for their interviews and the other actually conducting the interview and writing the article. Reichard works as the editor, ensuring that grammar and punctuation make sense for the final copy of the article. Scher is the photographer, taking quality photographs of the interviewee for the publication.

“I like how we work independently as it builds trust,” said Reichard. Hocky added, “We know we have to get our work done and we cannot just make excuses.”       

The seniors have enjoyed working with their classmates. “Interviewing other seniors about their internships is always interesting,” Hocky said. However, they have mainly stressed the importance of working with each other as a team, which has given them exposure to skills necessary in the professional world.

“Working at the Montclair Dispatch allows me to better myself with interactions and communication,” said Scher. “We have a boss who manages us as we follow particular guidelines as a group.”

“The best part about the internship is coming together for an end product,” said Friedin. “It’s cool to see our work officially published at the end of each week.”

While attending Montclair High School, each member of the team participated in a variety of activities. Scher spent time on the crew and volleyball teams as well as the School of Visual and Performing Arts. Friedin played soccer all four years at MHS and was a member of the National Honors Society. Reichard was a member of the baseball and football teams. Hocky was on the baseball team up until his senior year.

Next fall, each of the seniors plan to attend college. Scher plans on attending Brookdale College. Friedin will start at Oberlin College. Reichard is going to Michigan State University. Hocky will attend Rutgers University. Although all going in different directions, the four seniors look back on their time at The Montclair Dispatch as a highly beneficial experience.

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