James Maddock to Perform at Outpost

Get ready for some soulful tunes, because James Maddock is back from his UK tour and is ready to soothe Montclair at Outpost in the Burbs on Friday, March 28.

James Maddock set to soothe at Outpost.

James Maddock and opening guest Michaela McClain are set to perform at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, located on Church Street in Montclair.

James Maddock is a British singer-songwriter who has been in New York City since he moved there in the early 2000’s. Although Maddock is big in the British music scene, he has been widely accepted in the Americana music style and has even had the opportunity to perform with Bruce Springsteen. James Maddock has released eight albums, and his most recent album has everybody talking.

James Maddock has kicked off his tour for his new album, Another Life. For those who are new to his sound, his entire album can be streamed on his website at jamesmaddock.net/music, where there is also a link to purchase the album. Another Life is full of beautiful melodies, almost seeming to change genres from one track to the next; in one track Maddock will be singing to a folk-sy ballod, and in the next track be finishing the notes to an almost pop-like track.

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One of the prettiest tunes on the album is the title track, “Another Life.” This song has great lyrics about how everyone wishes we could have another life, but we only have a certain amount of time to “see the Himalayas and feel the Arctic wind,” and that we should experience as much as we can while we’re on this earth. Set to a soft acoustic sound, this song definitely kicks off the mood of the whole album.

Another great track on the new album is “If I Had a Son.” Maddock’s beautifully raspy voice sings about what his life would be like if he had a son, and how he would teach him all of the things that he knows. This song reminds parents that having a child is something so special and that you should spend time with them teaching them as they grow.

Opening for Maddock is Michaela McClain. McClain is a singer-songwriter whose folky-soul sound is sure to bring you bliss. Extremely upbeat and fun, McClain’s songs are sure to get you dancing – and wanting more. If you want to check out McClain’s music before the show, be sure to check out the music page on her website, michaelamcclain.com.

James Maddock’s tickets for the show are still available, but are going fast! Be sure to get yours today in person at the Outpost in the Burbs box office, Studio042 on Bloomfield Avenue or online at ticketleap.com. Tickets are $25 and are general admission.

The show starts at 8 p.m., so be sure to get there early for a good parking spot and a chance to see what the surrounding Montclair area has to offer! Attendees can park in the back lot of the church, located at 67 Church Street. For those looking to appease their appetites in tune with the music, some eateries to consider are: Pig and Prince Gastropub by Lackawanna Plaza, Le Salbuen on Walnut Street and Manny’s Diner on Church Street.

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