Java Love Connects Coffee with Community

Montclair’s coffee shops are well known to be casual meeting points for morning conversation, but none in Montclair have had as big an impact as Upper Montclair’s Java Love.

Coffee selections from Java Love.

java love
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

Coffee Connoisseur’s Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik seem to have mastered the complex demands of a great coffee spot, something that is revered throughout an early-morning town like Montclair. Java Love was born when, In 2011, Dawson and Petrik started their mission for a good cup of coffee in their local Bethel, NY. After creating a successful business in Bethel, just 5 miles from the historic site of the Woodstock Festival in 1969, Dawson and Petrik decided to open a cafe in Montclair, N.J., something they say they had always wanted to do. The store is located at 244 Bellevue Ave.

Much of the seemingly universal affinity for Java Love stems from its charm. This charm is presented in many different ways. From the honesty of the coffee to the design of the coffee shops themselves, Petrik and Dawson have been a welcome and refreshing addition to the communities they serve.

Even when selling a wide range of diverse products such as Bad Ass brew and Dancing Cat Speciality Blend, Java Love has a commitment to “Coffee with Integrity.” This means that they only source organic, fair trade coffee. On top of this, Java Love makes a consistent effort to respect the farmers and environment that bring them the coffee beans. This is an effort that does not go unheard by customers.

Java Love regular Michael Antonio said, “The feeling of having a cup of coffee and knowing that you can rest assured about how the coffee got to your cup is unbeatable. I love the atmosphere of this place. It’s honest.”

Java Love has nestled itself well into the surrounding small businesses of Upper Montclair. Not only does it share the same delightfully effortless familiarity that so much in Montclair possesses, it also supports these businesses. Java Love has formed mutually beneficial relationships with businesses such as Montclair Bread Company, Little Daisy Bakeshop, and chocolate companies such as The Chocolate Path. Not only does this help these local businesses, it resonates with customers of all these businesses. A powerful tool for Java Love’s charm can also be found in its delightful aesthetic. It has a rustic, woody feel to it that feels classy but homey. There is space to do work, space to enjoy coffee by yourself, and place to enjoy some people-watching with an old friend on a Sunday morning. Java Love has successfully become a part of what so many love about Montclair.

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