Jawan Riddick’s Senior Option with The Montclair Police Department

The Montclair Police Department // Photo Courtesy of Justin Brown

When given the opportunity to pursue a job toward Jawan’s chosen college major for his Senior Option Internship, he knew that working with the Montclair Police Department would be a good start for him to get some experience and some knowledge into becoming a police officer. When I asked, why did he want to become a police officer Jawan stated, “that the reason why I want to become a police officer, is because my father was a police officer as well, and every day I saw first hand how he was respected and seen throughout our community through his work”. In addition, Jawan also went on to add that, “I was brought up by my parents always telling me to never forget where you came from, I feel like by me hopefully one day becoming a police officer that I can be giving back to my community”.

Even though Jawan’s internship is for the Montclair Police Department, he moves back and forth between the Montclair Police Station and Montclair High School. During his time at Montclair Police Station, he is in charge of dealing with paperwork, and reading reports as well as seeing and experiencing the criminal process. As well of his responsibilities at the Police Station, he also works with Detective. Pierre, the Montclair High School Police Officer at Montclair High School. While working with Detective Pierre, Jawan is able to see everything Detective Pierre does around the school, as well as dealing with the students and their personal issues at times. While talking with Jawan, I asked him if I wanted to apply for this job what major keys should I know and have, his response was that if you wanted to excel in this job, you need to to be quick at problem-solving and one needs to understand others point of views as well as the right thing to do. After our interview, Jawan said that so far he is actually enjoying his Senior Option Internship, he just hopes that more people choose to intern at the Montclair Police Department because it gives insight on things we as kids living a such a privilege town like Montclair may to every experience or have been given the knowledge to know about certain things.

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