Jay Leno Takes On The Wellmont

The legendary, Jay Leno, is ready to take the stage at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair on Sunday, Nov. 20. Purchase tickets now before it's too late!

jay leno
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Jay Leno comes to Montclair.

For 22 years, Jay Leno kept America entertained through his late night talkshow, and simultaneously established himself as the top standard for television hosts and hostesses. With his signature gentle and jovial style of comedy, Leno became a beloved part of American pop culture. There was a sense of doubt when Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson in 1992, as many believed David Letterman was better suited and had the required experience for the position. Leno impressed both the network and audiences over the years, obtaining contracts that allowed him to be the face of late night television in America.

Jay Leno’s screen career started in the 1970’s, when he appeared in minor roles in movies such as Fun With Dick and Jane and Silver Bears. As his popularity grew, Leno started making appearances on Late Night with David Letterman.  In 1992, Leno replaced Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show, and thus started his journey to becoming one of the most revered figures in American television.

Alyssa Rivera, a Journalism and Media Studies student at Rutgers School of Communication and Information, expressed gratitude towards Leno’s career. “I grew up watching Jay Leno because my parents have always loved him,” said Rivera. “He’s a major part of why I’m studying media. His showmanship, the way he made people relate to his humor… He made people love staying up late to watch TV.”

After his career on The Tonight Show ended in 2014, Jay Leno remained active in pop culture by implementing his typically vigorous stand-up routine, performing at over 200 shows in one year.

Luckily for Montclair residents, Jay Leno will be sharing his night with the Wellmont Theater on Sunday, Nov. 20. His stand up routines are widely known to be welcoming, hilarious and electric. Leno’s performance at The Wellmont is in good company, as the theater is also holding stand-up performances by Jim Gaffigan and Tom Segura. Still, Leno’s night at The Wellmont is sure to be marked on the calendars of all comedy lovers. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets for the show can be bought at www.wellmontheater.com or by calling the ticket office at 973-783-9500.

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