Jim Gaffigan Brings Humor to Wellmont Theater

On Saturday, Nov. 19, Jim Gaffigan gave a performance that had The Wellmont Theater filled with laughter all night long as he delivered a variety of jokes.

The Wellmont Theater was consumed with laughter during Jim Gaffigan’s energetic performance.

Jim Gaffigan
Photo by Emma Gallof for The Montclair Dispatch.

On Saturday, Nov. 19, The Wellmont Theater welcomed comedian Jim Gaffigan to the stage for two back-to-back performances of his Fully Dressed tour. Attendees of the show varied in age from children to adults, as many families came to the show together to enjoy a night of laughter.

The show started off with Gaffigan making jokes about his weight as well as discussing the job of being a personal trainer along with people who have personal trainers. This then morphed into a discussion about the role of an anesthesiologist during surgery, as well as a discussion on massages and masseuses. The night went from talking about Vikings to a discussion on the meaning of people’s last names, to even mentioning the quick advancement of technology and the joys (or lack thereof) of hiking.

As Jim Gaffigan has a large family, having five kids in total, it was safe to assume that they would serve as inspiration for a variety of his work. Throughout the night, Gaffigan used his family to fuel his performance, as he used his three sons’ mandarin teachers in one piece, as well as his wife’s love of comfortable shoes in another.

Gaffigan also used his weight as a source for his comedy. He referenced doughnuts, and even talked about an experience he had which involved TSA security checks and a half eaten box of doughnuts given to him from a fan. Gaffigan also came out for an encore which consisted of a long piece about Hot Pockets, and not just the classic kinds you can find in America, but Canadian Hot Pockets.

With a sold out show, The Wellmont Theater was filled with laughter all night long, and even the security guards were chuckling. There was a mix of people who had never seen Gaffigan perform live before, as well as many people who had been to previous shows of Gaffigan’s. After the show, longtime fan Brian Levy said, “It was extremely funny; as my second time seeing him I can definitely say that he never disappoints.”

Overall, Jim Gaffigan provided good clean humor for all and provided an extremely fun show, which kept the room filled with laughter all evening. To find out about upcoming shows at The Wellmont Theater you can check out their website wellmonttheater.com and to hear more from Gaffigan you can go to his website jimgaffigan.com.

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