Jim Norton: Mouthful Of Shame

Jim Norton intends to split Montclair’s sides on Mar. 5, when he brings his typically vulgar deliveries to The Wellmont Theater.

New Jersey’s Jim Norton brings his stand up back to Montclair after a five-year wait. 

jim norton
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

There are many Jim Norton’s that comedy lovers may know. They may know the Jim Norton from the daring and controversial radio show “Opie and Anthony,” who was arrested for one of their outrageous public stunts. Perhaps they know the Jim Norton with a gift for acting, featuring in multiple HBO specials and displaying ridiculous characters on Lucky Louis in 2005 and Louis CK’s Louis in 2010. Luckily, on Mar. 5, Montclair is getting maybe the most beloved Jim Norton at their very own Wellmont Theater: the profanity-heavy, motor mouth stand-up comedian that has captured the laughter of countless.

Starting Feb. 11 in Chicago, Norton is in the middle of his “Mouthful of Shame” tour, a 30-theater tour of the United States. The tour comes on the back of his acclaimed and successful Hulu special, Contextually Inadequate, an hour-long stand-up routine that garnered infatuated and applauding reviews. Norton’s self-deprecating humor seems to be more popular than ever, as he tackles relative subjects such as the frustrating and startling rise in the use of modern technology.

Jim Norton previously performed at the Wellmont in 2011, on the exact date he intends to this year. Many Montclair residents are returning to his second show after seeing the first one. One of those residents, Harry McLaughlin, said Norton’s first Montclair stand-up turned him into a fan. “I went to Jim Norton’s first show just because all of my friends were going,” said McLaughlin. “I remember not expecting much, but after laughing to tears for almost an hour, I was an instant fan. Since then, I’ve watched almost everything he’s put out.”

Norton seems to have that effect on most people, as the likable Jersey-native gathers more and more attention with each slice of vulgar comedy he unleashes. Montclair residents would do well to witness Norton’s latest set, which he says he’s very confident in. Tickets for the event can be bought through Live Nation. Parking can be found in Propark America, located next to the Wellmont Theater.

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