Joggers for Everyday Wear from Lululemon

Joggers are a comfortable way to look classy and comfortable, and they are available at Lululemon on Bloomfield Avenue!

Joggers available at Lululemon in Montclair.

Young couple of joggers doing running at park
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What could be better then cuddling on the couch at home in a big old pair of sweatpants?  The answer is wearing those pants out of the house, while still looking fashionable. Joggers are similar to sweatpants, but are fitted closer to the body, and are frequently worn by runners. What started as a trend on the Paris and Milan runways during several fashion weeks turned into a fashion blog phenomenon. Street-style blogs blew up with this hot trend, which helped them gain popularity among the general public. As the trend entered department stores, many were confused how to make these bottoms look high fashion instead of just lazy.

Making this trend look stylish is simpler than you think! One of the easiest ways to pull off joggers is to find them in black. Black is a color that’s instantly slimming, and gives off a professional look without even trying. It’s hard to look lazy when your pants are screaming that they have it together, right?Additionally, black joggers look great with a biker jacket or sports jacket.

Another popular trend is to wear faux leather joggers. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also a more comfortable alternative to faux leather pants. Tight and leather are usually two words that you don’t want to see together. Skip the discomfort and rock those comfy joggers!

To look extra sleek in those bottoms, match your top to your joggers. Grey on grey or black on black looks fashion forward without trying. Adding some bright accessories such as sneakers, heels, jewelry, or a bag will give the outfit even more style.

For a quality pair of joggers that will last you forever, visit Lululemon Athletica in Montclair, N.J. The store features joggers in many different colors and fits.  Their joggers also are made with special fabrics that feel soft to the touch, but work to stop moisture (just in case you did want to actually go running in them).

You can find Lululemon at 520 Bloomfield Avenue. Many of the high-end yoga chains offer free yoga classes on certain days of the week.  Call 973-509-0150 for details on free classes at Montclair’s Lululemon!

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