Juice Basin: Hydrates Your Body

Keep your body and skin feeling healthy and well hydrated this winter with juices from Juice Basin on Bloomfield Avenue.

Juice Basin help your body and skin stay healthy.

© Brenda Carson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The cold winter months are here and our skin is crying for help from the harsh winds. The brutal and bitter cold is drying to the skin and it’s hard to keep skin hydrated. In summer, everything is much easier and a nice, cold, refreshing juice is much more appealing. However, just because the snow starts to fall does not mean we should give up on supplying our body with nutrients.  The solution is Juice Basin!

I’ve spoken about juicing in the past and it’s importance to our body. Juicing is the best and easiest way to fill your body with liquid nutrition and is the key to looking good and feeling good. Homemade juicing may not be for everyone and especially for those in a hurry, we just want everything done and ready for us. It’s not a bad thing, but we have become accustomed to having everything made as easy as possible for us.

I have always been looking for a cold-pressed juice shop in the area, but the closest ones have always been in New York and further, non-convenient locations. As much as I love making my own juice, having one ready and prepared is just easier and quicker sometimes. When I was on the Montclair Center website, montclaircenter.com, I noticed a juice shop that had recently opened right here in Montclair. The store is called Juice Basin and is located on Bloomfield Avenue. I immediately scoped out the website and headed over to their location after class one day and was super impressed.

They offer so many different juices ready and packaged for you, or you can even customize your own. They also offer three-day cleanse and bridal cleanses and detoxes. They have tons of information on their website, basinbar.com.

Living in such a fast paced millennium, having a nearby shop with easily accessible products are perfect for when you are on the go and for those who do not have the time to juice on their own. It’s a definite go-to stop and I highly recommend for everyone to treat their body right with Juice Basin’s juices!

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