Jumpsuit: The Next Fashion Statement

Anthropologie on Bloomfield Avenue offers selections of the newest fashion trend, jumpsuits. Their selections are more intriguing than just solid colors.

Jumpsuits are the newest – and oldest – fashion trend.

Ever since the 60’s, the jumpsuit has been a trend that we’ve seen come and go.  Who could forget in 2009 when Britney Spears took the trend to the next level by wearing a faux leather red jumpsuit in her “Oops!… I Did It Again” video?  The jumpsuit disappeared for a few years, and now recently has come back and become popular among women.  It’s great that this trend has reached the appeal of the mass market, because now there are jumpsuits available for women in all shapes, sizes and styles!

Fashionable woman in backless jumpsuit
© Viorel Leganaru | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Women like Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian are experts at styling the jumpsuit to flatter their figures.  Diaz typically wears a piece that has more volume to fill out her boyish figure, while Kardashian likes to accentuate her curves with a one piece that fits closer to her body.

In addition to a variety of shapes and sizes, jumpsuits come in three different versions.  The first is the classic long piece that reaches from the ankles to the shoulders.  The second style is the romper, which is often worn in the warmer months or occasionally used as a layering piece in the winter.  Finally, we have the playsuit, which is the more laid-back and shorter version of the long piece jumpsuit.

Another alluring feature of this one piece is the ability to dress it up or down for any occasion.  For a work-ready look, pair this powerful piece with some pumps and a blazer.  With an outfit like this, everyone will know you mean business in the place where it matters most.

For a more casual ensemble, the jumpsuit can be worn by itself or with a leather jacket thrown over it.  Accessories can also play a major part in the styling of this piece.  Pair your outfit with a bold clutch for added drama, without taking too much attention away from your one piece.  A belt can also create a beautiful hourglass shape when wrapped around the waist.  You can also never go wrong rocking a simple pair of pumps with a jumpsuit, no matter the occasion.

Anthropologie, located on 470 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair offers an large array of jumpsuits and rompers.  What makes Anthropologie different in their selection of one pieces is that they go beyond the solid colored jumpsuit by incorporating bold, colorful prints, stripes and even lace detailing.

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