Just Jakes Caters To Montclair’s Needs

Just Jakes offers great food for everyone, as well as live music and even 'Walking Dead' viewing parties. Be sure to stop by and enjoy it yourself!

Just Jakes offers great cuisine.

just jakes
Photo courtesy of Just Jakes.

The music was loud as people crowded the dance floor and sang along to their favorite hits; the drinks continued to pour while a line began to wrap around the building. Saturday nights at Just Jakes are thrilling – I was fortunate enough to get a behind the scenes look as to how the popular restaurant and bar survives and thrives. The chefs, servers, bartenders and owners are altogether just a wonderful staff and truly take care of their customers.

Just Jakes perhaps is so successful because they cater to all ages, a family restaurant by day and a booming bar scene by night. The kitchen is open until 10 or 11 p.m. on a daily basis as the atmosphere shifts from dining to dancing. The food ranges from chicken fingers and french fries to decadent salmon, juicy burgers, empanadas and a deep dish shepherd’s pie. I indulged in the shepherd’s pie and, my goodness, was it delicious!

There was not only a sense of humor amongst the staff, but also an enormous sense of teamwork. This teamwork was obvious to the customers as I noticed many were regulars that had a relationship with each server as well as the owners. They really make their diners feel welcome and at home.

Customers can expect live music on the weekends, as their venue is complete with a stage for performers. This past Saturday night, Just Jakes hosted two bands! The first band went on around 7 p.m. and played classics/oldies for the family style crowd until 9 p.m. Following that performance was the second band, who stuck to the mainstream and current popular hits. Both were absolutely great and proved to be crowd favorites.

Although the popular venue does not host bands every night, they do provide a number of events throughout the week. On Sunday nights, customers are invited to gather at Just Jakes and watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead. For more events or to host your next party, visit justjakes.com.

Just Jakes is located in downtown Montclair, N.J. and offers drink and dining specials daily. As the weather warms, the restaurant provides diners with an outdoor seating area on their large patio. Better yet, catering and take-out is also available. Just Jakes is an ideal, rustic and exciting experience for people of all ages. If ever you find yourself in need of a sense of community, great food, a full bar and live music, Just Jakes is your go-to place.

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