Kayla Bigelow: MHS Lacrosse Profile

MHS's lacrosse team is full of extremely talented players, especially Kayla Bigelow. These hard-working players are sure to make a splash in their future.

Montclair High School is full of talented lacrosse players, including Kayla Bigelow.

kayla bigelow
Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy
  • #6
  • Sport: Varsity Lacrosse
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Attacker / Mid Field

The captain has been recruited! After six summers of playing in tournaments across the East Coast, Kayla Bigelow has been spotted by Wesleyan University and will be playing for their lacrosse team in the fall.

A short two-hour ride, Kayla Bigelow is looking forward to starting her college career in Connecticut where she will focus her time on lacrosse, but also on her studies in the field of medicine. Spending some down time watching health television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Bigelow’s interest has peaked, but finding her niche is where Wesleyan will come into play. She has settled on her sport, but has not yet met her mark in the industry. She has, however, achieved a high GPA and conquered a tough schedule of playtime, demonstrating that she can achieve a future endeavor of both academics and sports.

Kayla Bigelow is excited to meet new faces, but will be sad to leave behind the memories made both on and off the field with a team that she feels has had the best season in the past four years.
“We click as a team,” Bigelow explained.

She went on to elaborate the good vibe the team has going through the biggest accomplishment in her time as a high school player: beating Glen Ridge for the first time in a long time. “It was a fun game,” said Bigelow. “We were only up by two and the whole team was pumped. After the game we all hung out. It was just an amazing team memory.”

The excitement behind Bigelow’s voice could be heard as she described not only her team, but also the Montclair community that supports the sport spiritedly, especially in appreciation of the photography done by Scott Kennedy.

“The team looks forward to seeing the pictures, seeing the team in action. When we’re on the field, we’re not paying attention to what’s going on outside the game, so we get to look back and keep the memories,” said Kayla Bigelow. However, Bigelow also notes that the team can spot some wrong doings, both of themselves and also of opponents. In one instance, the team was able to send in a photo that captured an illegal move done by an opposing player. “Thanks Scott!”

kayla bigelow
Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy.

Kayla Bigelow associates lacrosse with friends and family. It has been a key component to her middle school and high school life and when she looks back at her time before college, she will think of her sport, Montclair High School lacrosse.

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