KB Electric Illuminates Montclair

KB Electric Inc. has a light shining bright on their business, which has been serving Montclair for 20 years, a local business with a lot of power.

KB Electric mastered the art of electricity.

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Owner of KB Electric Inc., Keith Ballentine, is a Montclair native, having attended Mount Hebron Middle School and graduating Montclair High School in 1984. A reliable electrician, he learned the ins and outlets of electrical work from Daniel Bush, surging from high school into the work field with Bush Electric. Ballentine changed jobs over the course of his working years, but remained in the same field.

He was able to master the art of electricity, gaining new experiences, and then magnified his mentor’s words of wisdom, “perfect is plenty good enough,” to begin his own business in 1992.

KB Electric Inc. focuses mostly on residential and commercial work. Ballentine was riding on a one-man wavelength, perfecting his ability to meet all aspects of his self-powered company, but after four years, he plugged in workers. Today, he fluctuates between a team of four to eight and still stands behind those words. He believes that his company does not need to be bigger to be better, but rather perfection needs to be served. The company is “plenty good enough” if they are doing the best job possible.

KB Electric Inc. offers services to illuminate homes both old and new, interior and exterior. Even starting from the ground of your new addition, the company will work directly with you and your contractor to bring cable to your home.

Homes also need protection, so always be prepared. KB Electric Inc. can power your homes when storms surge. With unruly weather strikes in the northeast region, do not live for the moment you cannot afford, but rather be prepared with a standby electric generator. The company recommends standby electric generators as way of a worry-free unit to always be ready when the lights go out. Stand-by electric generators kick in the moment your home loses the lights, so fear not; your family can see through the dark.

KB Electric Inc. is a small scale, yet high watt company that should be noted for its stress-free one-on-one customer catering. Go to the website at kbelectricnj.com/testimonials.shtml to read testimonials before you choose the company that perfects your electric. If they spark your interest contact KB Electric Inc. at 973-744-6201 or send and e-mail to info@kbelectricnj.com.

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