Kevin Hart at the Prudential Center

Kevin Hart takes the Prudential Center on July 11 as part of his highly praised comedy tour: What Now? Learn the show details and about the comedian below.

Kevin Hart is a master of all comedy.

Kevin Hart
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Montclair has a lot of nearby shows to look forward to for the duration of summer, and we’re talking entertainment beyond rock concerts. Aside from the great art of music, there is also the amazing art of comedy. At the Prudential Center on July 11, 2015 at 7 p.m. and at 10:30 p.m., Kevin Hart will take center stage doing what he does best–making people laugh. For those of you who are not familiar with the actor and comedian, Kevin Hart recently appeared in Get Hard, in addition to his roster of movies including The Wedding Ringer, Think Like a Man, Ride Along, and many others. When a movie starring Kevin Hart hits the theaters, viewers expect nothing short of a hysterical flick.

His latest silver screen premiere is Get Hard. In short, the movie, co-starred by the inimitable and equally hilarious Will Ferrell, focuses on one man teaching another how to survive in prison. Unfortunately, writing can only go so far to explain the endless laughter the movie welcomes; we suggest checking it out (or other Kevin Hart classics) before attending one of his comedy shows. Still, if you can’t catch him live, his movies provide laughter fit for the family and keep audiences jumping out of seats with giggles.

We do warn you, however, Hart is a master of funny yet foul play and jokes range in age-appropriate ratings. A common joke of his is: “Females will argue with you for 30 minutes then be like ‘I ain’t even gonna argue with you!’” It’s not just the word choice Kevin Hart uses so well but the way he tells the joke that allows him to succeed in executing such diverse humor. For example, in telling a joke, the notoriously short-in-height gentleman has a serious and deeply concerned facial expression.

If you haven’t already been sold on seeing the King of Comedy, we mean it when we say his show is a must-see. This Saturday, July 11 at the Prudential Center, tickets to Hart’s What Now? comedy tour are available for purchase starting as low as $12.00–yes, $12.00!–worth every penny. Act quickly, though, he won’t be near to Montclair for long. His next stop following the Garden State is set for the hot coast opposite of New Jersey, as he is headed to California. Lucky for us, this weekend we’ll be no further than a quick 20-minute drive en route to Kevin Hart’s gut-punching jokes.

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