Lacrosse Unlimited

Lacrosse Unlimited has risen to become a vastly used store for lacrosse equipment and accessories.

Lacrosse Unlimited has been praised by lacrosse families across Montclair.

lacrosse unlimited
Photo courtesy of Joseph Michalitsianos.

For exceedingly competitive towns such as Montclair, Lacrosse Unlimited has been extraordinarily useful. Lacrosse has been a core sport in the town for decades, and not without good reason. Over the past 30 years, Montclair High School has been a dominant competitor in New Jersey’s tough and fast lacrosse culture, and Lacrosse Unlimited has helped that dominance tremendously.

Located at 26 South Park Street just off of Bloomfield Avenue, Lacrosse Unlimited has nestled itself in the center of the bustling suburban hub that is a favorite for Montclair residents and neighboring towns. The store is just one of 46 spread across the nation, a number that speaks of the company’s popularity and usefulness anywhere it seems to be. Although only making up a small part of the chain, the Montclair location has become as beloved and prized as if it were the only Lacrosse Unlimited in the country.

Affinity for the store comes from the atmosphere that is presented there. The employees are generally young, bright lacrosse players, who are more than eager to help out with anything lacrosse related or just to talk lacrosse. The staff are adroit in navigating the complexities of the individual lacrosse player, understanding that each player needs something different for their game. The store also offers an unrivaled array of equipment and gear for all ages and both genders, an attractive quality for the diverse lacrosse players that Montclair is known for.

While Montclair is the town lucky enough to encompass Lacrosse Unlimited, its customers are not restricted to Montclair residents only. Perhaps the most telling feature of Lacrosse Unlimited’s success is its ability to attract customers from outside of Montclair. Sheryl Lynn, a mother of three from the neighboring Glen Ridge, said the store has helped her enormously. “All three of my kids played lacrosse from a young age, and all three loved Lacrosse Unlimited,” said Lynn. “It’s a drive, but I was able to just let the employees take over once we got there, which was so helpful for me. They had everything we needed every time, and that was enough for me to continue being a customer there.”

The reach of a great, complete store seems to be limitless. Lacrosse Unlimited has, as a company, made it their duty to cater to each and every lacrosse player that walks through their doors. The store has benefited the integral tradition of lacrosse within Montclair, a seemingly hard task that is handled with professional ease. Montclair as a whole is grateful for the addition of a store dedicated to the progression and satisfaction of the young athletes the town produces.

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