Leschaks Attacks Back and Better Than Ever

MHS students inspire science teacher Samantha Zepada to return for a second year in MFEE’s Amazing Fundracer in the form of a new Leschaks Attacks team.

Leschaks Attacks all in for science and technology.

Leschacks Attacks
Photo courtesy of Leschacks Attacks.

Samantha Zepeda partnered with another high school teacher at last year’s MFEE Fundracer to form Leschaks Attacks. Zepeda, a science teacher at Montclair High School, will return with her fiance to take on this year’s challenge.

“As soon as I got the email from Masiel about signing up for this year, I forwarded it to Zack and he instantly responded for us to sign up!” said Zepeda.

The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence means a lot to Zepeda. MFEE has invested in the geoscience department at Montclair High School through their grant proposals. These grants have yielded several interactive labs for students that expands their education. These labs, said Zepeda, would not have been possible without MFEE’s support. She formed the Leschaks Attacks team to show appreciation for MFEE’s generosity.

“I have witnessed first-hand how the money fundraised benefits students and their learning, which is why I want to help MFEE continue to do so,” Zepeda said.

Zepeda appreciates the community spirit Montclair embodies. Many of her students, residents of the town, volunteer through tutoring, coaching or other activities. Their commitment to their community inspires Zepeda to become more involved, which is why she is excited to take on the MFEE challenge again this year. Zepeda’s students are one of the main reasons she is racing with Leschaks Attacks.

Although Zepeda had an amazing time last year, she states that her team was not as prepared as they could have been for the challenge.

“I will not be making that same mistake this year. Zack and I gave already started cycling at the gym and will be biking through Brookdale Park as well,” Zepeda said.

Leschaks Attacks is ready to compete this year. Zepeda can not wait to see what their participation will bring to the public school’s science and technology fields.

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