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lululemon athletica provides Montclair with complimentary yoga classes, apparel that caters to you and your workout and 35 days of gifts.

lululemon athletica is fueling with happiness!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.

lululemon athletica is known for being a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that sells a large variety of clothing lines. It runs international clothing stores from its company base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Although there are countless lululemon athletica stores, our very own one located at 520 Bloomfield Avenue, in Montclair, N.J. goes above and beyond in providing for their local community. Store manager, Kelly Corcoran, explained what makes them so special.

“We are obviously an athletic brand, but what we always focus on is function and how the garment is going to perform for you,” said Corcoran. “We have different technical fabrics that are really meant for specific things so whether you’re a runner, a dancer, someone that practices yoga or cross fit –  whatever it is we have it. Our company creates our product based on athlete feedback.  For example, we’ve heard from runners that they are bothered by their jacket zipper rubbing against their chin when they run.  In response to that feedback, our design team created what we call a ‘zipper garage’ which is essentially a layer of fabric that covers the zipper and protects it from touching a person’s skin.”

lululemon athletica started out mostly as a yoga brand, but branched out to things like running and crossfit. Although it does not target one specific age group, they offer attire for men and women and according to Corcoran, “have a little bit of everything.”

“Our men’s business is really growing. We’re getting so many more men in the community to know about us and they are loving the product,” said Corcoran.

One of the cool aspects of the fabric that is gaining popularity at lululemon athletica is called “Silverecent,” a technology that’s woven into the fabric that makes it antimicrobial. “What that means is you can actually wear it over and over again, sweat in it, get it dirty, wear it 28 times and it will never develop an odor. So for people that are always on the go, traveling, or just go extra hard at the gym, this comes in handy,” said Corcoran.

Not only does lululemon of Montclair provide awesome fabrics, they also have a complimentary yoga class every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. for the community held by different instructors from local studios. “They’re really great studios that are normally expensive classes so it’s a way for us to give back to the community. The teacher really donates their time and it’s like a space where people can just have fun. We do a lot of other events but the yoga classes are the most regular ones,” said Corcoran.  All of the lululemon stores have their furniture on wheels, so they simply roll them out to clear up space for their weekly yoga classes and even provide the mats. 

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.

Although every lululemon is about the local community, Corcoran explained how important it is to her team to be apart of things that are happening. This past Sunday, they even did a cheer station for the Donut 5k run in Montclair by the Montclair Bread Company.. “We’re always listening and finding out what’s important to our community and trying to have a presence there,” said Corcoran. This month in particular, Montclair’s lululemon has been giving out random gifts for 35 days as part of their initiative to fuel happiness.

“Every store is doing something to fuel happiness. We chose to do 35 days of gifts,” said Corcoran. Every employee has a deck of cards that lists all ways you can fuel happiness on the back. The lululemon team turns them over each day until the 35 days are up. “We do little things like everybody will close their eyes as a group and think about something that they’re looking forward too and that’s a way that it brings happiness. Every store gets a budget so for our budget, we chose to get a bunch of gifts as random acts of kindness,” said Corcoran.

To find out more about lululemon athletica in Montclair, N.J., like them on Facebook (, or browse their generic website at Also, make sure to greet their friendly neighborhood dog named Boogy that hangs outside their store every day.

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