Mac Attack Brings Cheesy Delight

Are your a cheese lover? If so, experience gourmet mac and cheese and many other great treats at Mac Attack Gourmet Cheesery.

Mac Attack: gourmet mac and cheese.


Mac and cheese
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UPDATE: October 1, 2015 Upon original publication, this article stated that Mac Attack was open for business. The restaurant is currently closed for renovations, but is scheduled to reopen within the week.

Are you a lover of the classic comfort food, mac and cheese? Are you a lover of mac and cheese coming in endless different varieties? Most importantly, are you a lover of eating out? Well, there is a place where they specialize in the comfort dish that you have all loved for as long as you’ve been living. And, it is right in our very own Montclair. Mac Attack Gourmet Cheesery is located on Walnut Street in Montclair. It is just up the street from Trumpets Jazz Club, and they also have a location in Red Bank if you’re ever down there and craving some professionally made mac and cheese.

According to the chef of Mac Attack, Sergio Romano, they have “been open and serving the people of Montclair for almost two years now.”

“Cheesery” is, frankly, the best word that could possibly describe this place. It could probably be the only word to describe this eatery, because they specialize in everything cheese. Just looking at their menu is enough to send you into a state of nirvana. At Mac Attack, they have an absurd amount of varieties of mac and cheese. Nobody would ever be able to think of these dishes at home. They serve their Traditional Mac, which consists of cheddar, manchego and parmesan cheeses. Then, as you look under the traditional mac on their menu, you suddenly enter a whole new world of mac and cheese that you thought was previously deemed nonexistent.

Seeing dishes such as the Southwest Mac, Burger Mac, Philly Mac, Reuben Mac, and even Lobster Mac, it becomes quite apparent how unique and, well, cheesy this wonderful establishment really is. At this gourmet cheesery, they also offer gluten free/lactose free dishes. The menu has many other options to choose from other than the ones listed, as well. They have BLTs, grilled cheeses, angus burgers, cheesesteaks and many other main dishes and soups to choose from. There is also a splendid little side order section called, “Cheesy Bites” that consists deep fried mac bites, manchego or mozzarella sticks, cheese tots, mac and cheese spring rolls and stuffed mushrooms.

For all of you cheese enthusiasts out there, Mac Attack Gourmet Cheesery is the place for you to spend your next night out in Montclair. It may not be a stereotypical “first date” kind of place, but honestly, give it a shot. It might sound cheesy, but you may win some love. After all, at Mac Attack, they believe that “sweet dreams are made of cheese.” Even if you don’t feel like leaving the house or your dorm, they offer free delivery, cater and accept Red Hawk Dollars for those of you that are students at Montclair State University. So, you can get yourself some gourmet mac and cheese in any way that you desire, but don’t fret, because any way you get Mac Attack is truly the right way.

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