Marie Wildey School of Dance

Marie Wildey School of Dance is the people’s place to learn the steps, even if the skills weren’t there from the get-go. This dance school is like no other.

Marie Wildey School of Dance commits to students.

Couple of modern ballet dancers
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The Marie Wildey School of Dance is a committed team working with the community to reach the stage year-after-year, for over 40 years. The Marie Wildey School of Dance promotes balance in each classroom, combining creativity and positivity with discipline to perform above the “barre.”

Engaging parents and students is the key to maintaining a serious structure with individuality embedded. Positioning all members as partners promotes individuals to express their own style to shine in the studio.

The Marie Wildey School of Dance offers one-hour classes at beginner to advanced levels in ballet, jazz, tap or hip-hop. If you’re nine years old, you may jump right into the type of dance that suits your swing, but it is recommended to try different dispositions, as you may be overlooking a craft you have yet to call.

Boys between the ages of four to six and girls between the ages of four to eight will taste the different styles throughout the season in a “combination class” of ballet, tap and jazz. Boys and girls of the ages seven and eight will also be tapping and snapping with a “combination class” of tap and jazz. These classes offer the mix of music for beginners to find their musicality as they are just finding their way to the stage. These classes are also offered at the other levels of dance. Children who have a background in their step may qualify for an advanced class based on the instructor’s judgment.

Throughout the school year and the summer, the Marie Wildey School of Dance offers liturgical “praise dance.” Liturgical dance is taking movements and incorporating them into worship services as a way to express praise. The classes provide an open space for students to share their expression through interpretive dance and sign language as gospel music takes their movement forward. Open to ages seven and up, this type of dance is not only for those who already understand dance, but rather a proper starting point for those wanting to find their musical feel.

The Marie Wildey School of Dance offers aerobics as well. It is necessary for dancers to maintain flexibility and readiness for their recitals. The classes consist of calisthenics, jogs and lightweight training for all levels to stay healthy and fit.

All classes and aerobics can be scheduled by phone. The current season is in progress and students are hard at work, tucking and twirling to match technique and timing just right for their recital. The pressure is on, but precision is passionately on point as the students strive for show time!

Contact the Marie Wildey School of Dance at 973-674-8481, or email them at Stop in to their location at 576 Central Avenue in East Orange, N.J., with their entrance through the Evergreen Place parking lot.


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