MB Auto Care is Not Your Average Auto Shop

If you’ve ever dreaded buying, selling or caring for your car, Mark Bordick will do it for you with his car concierge service MB Auto Care.

From finance to Ferraris: Mark Bordick trades in the corporate life to open MB Auto Care!

mb auto care
Photo courtesy of Teah Bordick.

Mark Bordick worked in Corporate America for 27 years. “My earliest thought of a career was to be like my Dad. I wanted his deal: suit and tie, leather briefcase, company car, expense account and a secretary,” he said. Looking back, he now realizes that he was young and simply followed the example set before him.  

While studying for his MBA, he was offered an internship at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc., a management consulting firm. He spent the next eight years there, until an opportunity to join the Sony Corporation came along. “I had always been a big fan of their products and knew they were an industry leader. I worked at Sony for 18 years with jobs in Music, Corporate, and Electronics. It was a tremendous experience for which I will always be grateful,” he said.

Then, in 2013, he received an early retirement and buyout from Sony. Bordick suddenly found himself with a lot of spare time. At first, he enjoyed spending days playing golf. “Since I was unable to earn a PGA Tour Card,” he joked, “I knew it was time to get back to work.”

A self described “car guy” Bordick is pictured here at the 3rd Annual Exotic Charity Car Rally held on Church Street last summer. “For me, it was like being a kid in the candy store,” he said.

He decided to follow that passion and, in 2015, launched MB Auto Care.  The basic idea for his business had always been in the back of Bordick’s mind, but having the security of a steady income had always taken precedence. “Everyone says ‘do what you love.’ I can honestly say that I have been given an opportunity to create a business that provides a unique service to my clients built on my knowledge, passion and love of cars!” Bordick said.

MB Auto Care is not your average auto shop. It is an automotive consulting group that helps clients with a wide variety of car needs. Their tag line is “Your Car Concierge” and that pretty much says it all.

“We recognize that most people don’t enjoy buying, selling or maintaining their cars,” said Bordick. “Most even have unpleasant experiences doing so. Our value proposition is to save our clients time, money, stress and aggravation.”

MB Auto Care specializes in consignment sales and lease/purchase support, but they also provide a wide array of services such as:

  • Lease/Purchase – including all dealer negotiations
  • Dispose – used car consignment sales and lease-end returns
  • Locate – new and pre-owned car searches
  • Consultation – friendly advice for all your automotive needs
  • Detail – complete interior, exterior and engine cleaning
  • Repair – mechanic and body shop referrals to reputable local shops

Bordick acknowledges that the auto industry doesn’t always have the most trustworthy reputation. “The auto industry has unfortunately earned its poor reputation,” he said. “MB Auto Care operates contrary to this generalization. We serve our clients with honesty and integrity.”

Bordick also recognizes the amazing community of talented professionals in the Montclair area.  “I have great relationships with local mechanics, body shops, dealerships, and other automotive experts. They are all very supportive of MB Auto Care and helped me build a sold network.”

Bordick is married to his wife Kanchi and they have two sons and a daughter. When Bordick and his wife knew they wanted to get married, they wondered how they could celebrate their two cultures and religions on their special day. Bordick is Italian and Catholic, and Kanchi is Indian and Hindu. They decided to have two ceremonies on the same day.  “First we were married in the chapel on the campus of Seton Hall University,” where the two met as college students. “Following that,” Bordick continued, “we celebrated a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. The funny thing was our Indian relatives were more interested in the pristine church wedding, while the Italian side of the family was intrigued by the vibrant and colorful Indian ceremony!”

Bordick has lived in Montclair for 30 years and believes it’s a great place to live and raise a family. “We absolutely love being in Montclair. We enjoy the people, diversity, restaurants, cultural events, parks, night life, music and so much more. The public transportation system and proximity to New York City make our home the hub for family gatherings and out-of-town guests. We’re strong supporters of the public school system and youth athletics. I am also a member of the Commonwealth Club which as a tremendous and supportive membership,” Bordick said. “And…of course, we have Tierney’s,” he added with a grin.

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