MFEE Takes a Stand to Montclair Charter

MFEE, along with Board of Education and Superintendent, has decided to make a statement in regards to the opposition of Montclair Charter.

mfeeMFEE states opposition to Montclair Charter!

“For 25 years, the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) has leveraged resources and support for the Montclair Public Schools. MFEE was forged with an understanding that in the challenging landscape of public school financing, our district cannot rely solely on state funding and tax dollars to provide an exceptional academic experience to our diverse student body. Through the generous support of our donors, MFEE funds innovative teaching practices and district-wide initiatives that impact all students.

Given this mission, MFEE stands with the Board of Education and Interim Superintendent Ron Bolandi in opposing the Montclair Charter School, previously known as the Fulbright Academy Charter School. The potential transfer of millions of dollars out of our public schools runs counter to MFEE’s goals.

We understand that over $2,000,000 would be transferred from the Montclair Public Schools to the Montclair Charter if it opens with its expected enrollment of 250 students, and that over $4,000,000 would be transferred when the charter reaches full capacity of 450 students.

Such a significant depletion of funds would result in steep staff and program cuts that would negatively impact our public school students, particularly our at-risk students. That these cuts would be made for the benefit of a few at the expense of the majority of our students is particularly troublesome to MFEE. Our goal is to support our District as a whole, with particular emphasis on programs that promote excellence and equity.

As much as MFEE values quality foreign language instruction for all of our students, we do not believe the charter is necessary to accomplish that goal. MFEE believes in the quality of our public schools and the potential of our magnet system to provide additional depth in a range of educational areas. We are committed to working within our district to strengthen the educational experience for all of our children.”

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