Mommy & Me at Chocolate Works

Join Chocolate Works every Thursday and Friday for their Mommy & Me event. This fun and creative activity aims to enhance the bond between mother and child.

Mommy & Me at Chocolate works will surely be a memorable time for both mothers and children. 

mommy & me
Photo courtesy of Chocolate Works.

Chocolate Works has thought of a way to combine bonding between mother and child in a enjoyable and creative way. They came up with the event, Mommy & Me. It’s designed to have parents and children participate in an interactive chocolate making activity. They will both make and decorate their own unique chocolate creation, play games, and win prizes, as well as enjoy a dip in the 6 ft. chocolate fountain!

The molds are decorated with “chocolate paint” using palettes and paint brushes. Chocolate Works has over 40 molds to pick from and quite appealing to both mothers and children.

Mommy & Me is hosted every Thursday and Friday at 10 A.M. The activity lasts about an hour. Although space is limited, that doesn’t mean you can’t embark in the fun. Just be sure to make reservations, by simply picking up the phone and dialing Chocolate Works‘ number at 973-744-3344. The recommend age is 3 years old and up, but they’ve also had 2 year olds come in and it worked out fabulously!

This fun and interactive activity is also perfect for groups or play dates. By encouraging children to expand on their creativity, it will also allow them to be proud of their final product and perhaps give their special gift to a loved one such as grandparents, teachers, and/or babysitters!

“Mommy & Me is a great bonding activity as it allows each participant to make their own creation, but do it together and everyone goes home with a fabulous, unique chocolate treat. Each participant can release their own creativity. It is quality bonding time away from home in a fun and creative environment.” said owner Marcia Lemberg.

mommy & me
Photo courtesy of Chocolate Works.

The prices for this event is $30 for both parent and child, additional children will be $10 each.

For more information, please stop by Chocolate Works, located on 42 South Park St. Montclair, NJ 07042. They can contacted at 973-744-3344.

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