Momoya Sushi: Japanese Cuisine

Momoya Sushi on Broad Street offers a little piece of Japan right here in the States. It is one of the best places for Japanese food.

If you’re a fan of Japanese food, you have to try Momoya Sushi!

Sushi platter
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If you head south down Broad Street in Bloomfield you just might end up in a little corner of Japan. Keep an eye out for a little place called Momoya. It is a sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurant in one of the best towns to get a bite to eat, in Northern Jersey. Within only 10 minutes of Montclair, with the prices they offer this may be one of the best places to get Japanese food without actually going to the island.

First things first, the atmosphere of the place is wonderful. It is very vibrant from the decorations that hang from the ceiling above the seating areas, to the colors, paintings and designs on the walls that make it a very pleasant place to dine in. Hanging above your head are large, Japanese-looking umbrellas, while on the walls there are paintings of sumo wrestlers, women playing instruments and above the tables are beautiful wicker lights that bring your experience at Momoya to life. It is truly exotic and beautiful.

The menu is filled with possibilities; all of which are delicious choices. Firstly, their lunch specials are enough to fill you up without a problem and there are so many different lunch options to choose from that it’s hard to decide what you want to fill yourself with. The lunch special comes with miso soup (tofu and seaweed soup) and a mixed green salad, no matter what you order. You can order a sushi lunch, sashimi lunch, sushi-sashimi combo, chirashi, any type of sushi roll you want, yuki or udon noodles and the list goes on from there.

However, you can also get a lunch box. Believe it or not, there are even more options with the lunch box. It might run you a little more than their traditional lunch special, but for what you get, it’s a fantastic price. The lunch box comes served with miso soup, white rice, salad and California rolls, which is in addition to whatever your meal is. You can get teriyaki chicken, tofu, salmon, beef or shrimp. There are also chicken and pork options of katsu (katsu is chicken or pork that is breaded a certain way). Not to mention, they have a gigantic list of chef special rolls and there are way too many to list here.

Every item on their menu is made with care, excellence and true authenticity. People say that they really hit the nail on the head in terms of relativity to the real cuisine of Japan. They deliver for those who would like them to bring the island to you, and Momoya is BYOB, as well. Momoya is a great place to escape for a little while with your family, friends or significant other, and a great place to leave the country for foreign food without paying for airfare! So drop by and give them a shot next time you’re on Broad Street!

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