Montclair Book Center

The Montclair Book Center offers treasures both old and new to avid readers. It is largest independent bookstores in New Jersey with over 15,000 square feet.

Montclair Book Center brings books to life.

There’s nothing better in the summer than sitting outside in the nice weather enjoying a good book. Instead of stopping by the library or Barnes and Noble, pick up your next page-turner at the Montclair Book Center, located at 221 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, N.J. Owner Peter Ryby is happy with his business and believes the store is staying in business and is successful due to community support.

Stack of books
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This bookstore is one of the largest independent bookstores in New Jersey. The Montclair Book Center is more than 15,000 square feet, filled with new and used books. If you would rather listen to music, you can also find a large collection of vinyl and CDs for your enjoyment on their lower level; the store is three floors high.

Or, maybe you have books and music laying around that you’d love to sell or donate; the Montclair Book Center can help you there too. Although most of the books are bought, you can trade them in by contacting the center at 973-783-3630. It’s the perfect place to find rare books and music, as well as pick up things you already know of. They even have a collection of rare, signed books.

The Montclair Book Center is run by about 15 people, keeping its thousands of titles on ceiling-high shelves organized. The music is organized by genre and the books are organized by category, from humor to family relationships. There is also a children’s and young adult section. It is organized similar to a library, except with many more rare books that you can take home for keeps.

If you don’t live in the area, the store has a website where you can shop online instead at The Montclair Book Center started 30 years ago in 1984, and their books range in price. Some start at $1, like the ones commonly displayed outside, to the more rare ones sold for as much as $1,000. It is a great place to browse and find new books, ones that you have probably never see or will find anywhere else.

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