Montclair Desires Involvement From You

The town of Montclair is a wonderful place, but it's up to the residents and council members to keep is the amazing town that it is.

Montclair offers council positions to residents.

We all know that the town of Montclair is one of the most beautiful and desirable ones in New Jersey, which is why it is important to stay updated on township news by knowing who is running the town and what exactly they are doing with their power.

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The town of Montclair operates under the Optional Municipal Charter Law, meaning that the township provides several forms of government. The “council-manager” plan has been in place since 1980, meaning that the council is the one directly elected power of the township. The head of this is voted on by the council and is responsible for carrying out the wants of the council. Each member of the council, including the mayor, serves a four-year term. All of these terms begin and end at the same time.

The Township Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Montclair, Marc Dashield, has many responsibilities, including helping to monitor the employment and services offered in the Township to help maintain the diversity that makes Montclair so incredible. The manager appoints and removes all department heads and other officers and employees, except those of which are appointed by the council. The manager must attend all council meetings and can partake in discussions but does not hold a vote.

Regular council meetings and conference meetings are held on Tuesdays on alternating weeks every month at 7:00 p.m. Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers, while Conference meetings are held in the Conference room.

There is a long list of committees and boards that are available for Montclair residents to volunteer for. This includes the Board of Education, Capital Finance Committee, Civil Rights Commission, Environmental Commission and the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, amongst many others.

It is very easy to apply for a volunteer position for the township of Montclair. Volunteer application forms can be found at under the government section on the left side of the site. It is as easy as providing some simple information and stating what committee or board you’d like to apply for, as well as why you are interested in this position. Your application will be considered for appointment once it is sent in.

It is so simple to get involved in the township of Montclair and there are options that can appeal to anyone’s interests and passions. If you know everything about Montclair, including what makes the town so special, it is important to get as involved as possible and help keep Montclair the remarkable town it is today.

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