Montclair Film Festival: What to Expect

As 2015 comes along, it is time to prepare for the Montclair Film Festival. Learn what to expect in the next following month of May.

Montclair Film Festival is almost here!

montclair film festival
Photo courtesy of Montclair Film Festival.

As spring heats up, people are stepping out of their winter clothes and into a colorful world of endless adventure. Flowers are blooming and people are hitting the streets of Montclair and, particularly, getting ready to attend the Montclair Film Festival. This year, the Festival takes place from May 1-10. The Montclair Film Festival is held at seven different venues, including The Montclair Film Festival Office, The Wellmont Theater and The Audible Listening Lounge.

Different films are shown each day of the festival, giving viewers the opportunity to attend over and over again. Opening at the Wellmont Theater on May 1 is the comedy Hello, My Name is Doris. Directed by Michael Showalter, the story focuses on a workingwoman that lives in her childhood home after the passing of her mother. The days continue on for Doris until she meets a new handsome co-worker. For more information on this specific film and many others, visit

Not only will MFF showcase films, but there will also be sections of the night dedicated to speaking with the artists ranging from actors, filmmakers and activists. The conversational sections of the MFF will highlight some of their most important work not only on screen but also off screen. You can also attend after parties and celebrate the makers of these successful films.

With tickets as low as $14 for the general public, the Montclair Film Fest is an event that will not break your bank. Not from Montclair? Not a problem! Montclair is loaded with public transportation including a NJ Transit train with a direct line to and from NY Penn Station. For more directions to the Montclair Film Festival visit

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